Coronavirus: Austria announces mandatory vaccination for adults from February 1

Sanctions between 600 and 3,600 euros are foreseen for those who do not get vaccinated, who will have an “adaptation phase until mid-March”

Vaccination for adults will be mandatory in Austria from February. This has been announced by President Karl Nehammer, who governs in majority with the support of environmentalists. “As planned, we are going to make vaccination mandatory at the beginning of February,” the conservative Nehammer said at a press conference. The leaders of the social democratic and liberal parties also support the text, so only the extreme right opposes it.

After the decision has been the subject of heated debates throughout the week in Parliament and among the population, Austria will be the first country in Europe to make vaccination against the coronavirus compulsory, under penalty of high fines. Close to 71.5% of Austrians have the complete guideline, a somewhat lower figure than other Western countries, and this Saturday some 27,000 people demonstrated in Vienna alleging that it goes “against individual freedoms.”

The Austrian chancellor has admitted that “it is a sensitive project”, but has made it clear that it is “in accordance with the Constitution” and that for those most reluctant to receive a dose there will be an “adaptation phase until mid-March”.

Once that time has passed, Austria will carry out “controls” and not being vaccinated will constitute a “crime” with “sanctions of between 600 and 3,600 euros.”


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