Coronavirus: Hollande acknowledges “part of responsibility for the hospital situation”

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The former President of the Republic François Hollande recognized this Monday a “share of responsibility in the situation of the hospital”, with in particular a lack of “renewal” of the masks, while criticizing the lack of regular checks of stocks since 2017.

“I also have my share of responsibility in the hospital situation” during the coronavirus crisis, said François Hollande on France Inter. “For years we have forced the hospital, and I have played my part in it, I don’t want to exclude myself at all,” he added.

While a “Ségur de la Santé” opens on Monday, a vast concertation intended to improve working conditions in the sector, François Hollande rejected the hypothesis of the end of 35 hours for carers, advanced by the Minister of Health : “You have to put flexibility, negotiation, but please do not remove what is regarded as a social achievement”.

The former socialist president detailed the situation of the hospitals: “We put an over-administration, which the staff rejects, a coding of acts and the pricing which obliged them to fill more papers than to treat”. “There is also the question of remuneration,” he agreed.

For a commission of inquiry on masks

Asked about the decline in mask stocks under his presidency, François Hollande explained: “A decision was made in 2011 not to centralize the storage of masks as before, and in 2013, the administration considered that it was necessary to confirm this decision to put the masks where they are used: communities, hospitals, companies ”.

“I think that this orientation, based on proximity and efficiency, was the right one, but that involved controlling the storage of the masks. I did it three times, ”he argued. “There were just under a billion masks when I arrived and 740 million when I left,” he said. “Perhaps there have not been enough renewals of expired masks”.

But “when the health crisis started there were only 140 or 150 million, it means that masks were destroyed,” said François Hollande, saying that “what has not been done enough since 2017 is a regular check of the mask stock ”. “I want a commission of inquiry. Should we therefore look for a scapegoat in this case “when” there is a way to find the sanction “, by” the vote “, he concluded.

Prevent massive unemployment

So far, government economic decisions on the coronavirus epidemic “have been good, with 10 million people on short work, payroll tax breaks, guaranteed loans,” he said. declared on France Inter.

But “it is now that the crisis will arise before our eyes, and unemployment will reach unprecedented levels,” warned the former head of state, citing “more than a million more unemployed than here the end of the year ”.

“We must prevent layoffs, so offer a contract to companies that allows the transition, which means that the employee remains linked to the company even if his activity is partial, and that he can follow training to learn other trades “, He proposed.

“It is immediately” that we must act

François Hollande also argued for a “hiring bonus for young people”, the provision of “equity” for companies, the re-establishment of the wealth tax and increased capital taxation, or even a ” deconfinement check for 10 million people, from 300 to 700 euros for the most modest ”. “It is in July, it is immediately” that we must act, “if we wait, we will pay more,” he warned, saying that “we must accept for a while limit the debt, have the support of Europe ”.

“We need a resumption of consumption” because “those who campaign for degrowth, you will understand what it is” with the crisis, he said ironically. “That does not mean that we have to make any growth, but we need activity, that the life industries can be supported directly by public investments”, insisted François Hollande.

He likewise rebuked the supporters of a return to national sovereignty on the left, such as his former minister Arnaud Montebourg and the leader of the Insubmissive Jean-Luc Mélenchon: “Is it to say that we must cut ourselves off world? The crisis proves that we are linked to each other. “


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