Coronavirus in Belgium: Elio Di Rupo specifies the decisions of the consultation committee

The various governments of the country decided on Friday not to relax the measures in force. This status quo decision was motivated by the latest figures for hospitalizations and cases of Covid-19 contamination.

But what will happen if the statistics do not improve by next Friday, the date of the new consultation committee? Elio Di Rupo, Minister-President of Wallonia, was questioned on this subject by our journalist Salima Belabbas in RTL INFO 7pm this Saturday.

Salima Belabbas: In a week, we will be able to come back to the outlook?

Elio Di Rupo: Of course. Now the question we ask ourselves is this. Are these figures, which are still alarming… Because in terms of hospitalizations, we have doubled in one week. And in terms of intensive care units, it’s over 30%. He hadn’t been seen for a long time. Are these increases the start of a third wave? If so, unfortunately it will be terrible. If, on the other hand, it is a false alarm, as we have rightly said, that this number will be able to stabilize, or even perhaps go down, then we will resume our pilgrim staff next Friday by opening up perspectives.

Salima Belabbas: Exactly, Mr. Di Rupo, if the situation in a week is not better, what could you decide, you mentioned scenarios?

Elio Di Rupo: We must tell the truth to our fellow citizens. We all want to open everything up. All. But if we did, and that tomorrow at the same time the hospitals would be completely overwhelmed, that there would be deaths and deaths on our conscience… Today, in the hospitalizations, there are no longer only the elderly . Moreover, there are very few people in nursing and care homes. These are people who are 60, 50, 40, and even young.

Salima Belabbas: So you don’t rule out harsher measures? A partial or limited reconfinement as in France?

Elio Di Rupo: I hope we won’t be like that. Let’s wait. Let’s have a little patience. We will be watching the numbers very carefully for a week. Hoping that we are not in the third wave. And then we can calmly open. But we will open in waves. There will be a wave in March. A wave in April. And maybe something in May. That’s kind of what’s on the minds of those in charge at the moment.


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