Coronavirus in Peru | Callao: Negreiros Hospital Medical Corps demands the “immediate restriction” of admission of patients to ICU

The Medical Corps of the Luis Negreiros Hospital (Callao) demanded the “immediate restriction” of the admission of patients to Intensive Care units and Hospitalization until it is repaired in a definitive oxygen flow system to ensure “quality care” for patients “with an adequate and sufficient supply of oxygen”.

Through a statement, the medical staff demanded the transfer to other areas of the hospital and referral to other health facilities “of all patients” who are currently hospitalized on the third floor of the Negreiros hospital “to ensure timely and adequate care for all of our patients.”

They also indicated that “trade union and legal actions” are reserved. at the insistence of enabling more hospitalization beds and ICU “without ensuring adequate and timely oxygen supply and flow” for patients. In the same way, they requested the “immediate” hiring of assistance personnel to reinforce attention in critical areas.

Days ago, six plants of medical oxygen assembled by the industrial company Modasa were delivered to the Ministry of Health to improve the provision of this medical input used to face the pandemic due to the COVID-19.

Currently, the Ministry of Health has operational medicinal oxygen plants distributed nationwide and is in the process of purchasing and implementing 47 similar units, thanks to an inter-institutional agreement with the National University of Engineering.

“Provider must correct”

EsSalud exhorted the Praxair company, which supplies oxygen to hospitals in the network, to repower the oxygen pressure regulator that supplies the COVID-19 patients at Negreiros Hospital.

Through a statement, the manager of the Sabogal Assistance Network Ulises Romero clarified that the problem at this time is not the lack of oxygen, but rather it is about the little pressure that exists due to excess demand of oxygen use in ICU beds.

“Problem that the supplier must promptly correct since it has been notified since last January and to date there is no response to repower the regulator, “the document indicates.

In addition, he specified that the Negreiros Hospital previously treated only 7 ICU beds and these days due to the second wave have increased to more than 30 ICU beds due to the over-demand of patients arriving in critical condition.

“If we do not do it as soon as possible, we will be forced to resort to the Prosecutor for crime prevention since there are lives involved,” he warned.

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