Coronavirus is often transported to Slovakia by Czechs. The government has approved higher fines!

Slovakia has 381 active cases of Covid-19. Prime Minister Igor Matovic described the situation in the country as stable after the measures were relaxed. Despite the fact that about half of the new infected are people from abroad, he does not plan to close the borders.

Coronavirus most often drives there Czechsfollowed by people from Ukraine, Great Britain, Serbia a Macedonia. Matovič would only reintroduce restrictions in a situation where “Slovakia would lose ground.”

According to the epidemiologist Mária Avdičová, in the last five weeks, ie since June 1, Slovakia has registered 363 newly infected people. “The cases are different, but it should be emphasized that more than 50 percent were those who returned from abroad. In connection with this, we always monitor how many people become infected from them. Only 19 people infected someone else,” Avdičová stated. That’s why borders don’t have to be closed again.

But those who do not keep the quarantine after returning from one of the high-risk countries will have to reach deep into their pockets. The Slovak government approved an amendment to the law, which counts on a fine of up to 5,000 euros, in terms of about 130 thousand crowns.

At the Slovak traffic light, however, the Czechia remains on the list of less risky countries. These include Croatia and, probably, the United Kingdom from next Monday.

Take a look at TV Nova’s report on a Slovak doctor who could have infected up to 600 people with coronavirus:


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