Coronavirus news ticker: 97,000 infected in Germany – Italy reports decline in deaths

  • The coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the world
  • Around 657,000 infections have now been detected in Europe
  • In Italy, the number of new infections stabilized – and the number of intensive care patients declined
  • Spain reports more than 130,000 infections – the number is higher than that in Italy
  • According to our research, the number of people infected with the corona virus in Germany is more than 97,000. More than 1400 people died of the lung disease Covid-19, while around 26,000 have recovered
  • The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) rates the measures taken in Germany as a success – however, it continues to call for mindfulness
  • The National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina believes that measures to combat the corona pandemic can be eased after the Easter holidays
  • A study has shown a positive effect of wearing a face mask collectively

Berlin. The Coronavirus pandemic has slowed down public life in numerous countries around the world, yet the Sars-CoV-2 virus is spreading all over the world. More than 1.2 million infections have now been documented worldwide, and there have been more than 66,000 deaths. In Europe alone, more than 48,000 people are affected by the coronavirus Lung disease Covid-19 died – almost three quarters of the world’s reported deaths.

A new pandemic hotspot are the USA. The authorities have so far reported more infections in no other country: around 311,000 until Sunday afternoon. More than 8400 people have died of complications from an infection in the United States.

Coronavirus news ticker: all current figures and developments

Also in Germany the number of infected continues to rise: According to our research, on Sunday morning it was over 97,000 people, of whom more than 1,400 died. The proportion of deaths in Germany is comparatively low, presumably due to the relatively large number of tests that are carried out in Germany. A glimmer of hope: that Robert Koch Institute (RKI) announced on Friday that the measures to contain the epidemic are having an effect in Germany.

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Sunday April 5, 2020: Coronavirus – RKI reports 5936 further infections

8:08 p.m .: As Sign against the dark in the corona crisis people have been in many places India lights lit at night. Pictures showed how some stood with candles, lights or cell phone flashlights on their doors or on balconies and switched off the lights in their houses. Prime Minister Narendra Modi (69) had previously called on the citizens to take part in the campaign.

There is currently a three-week curfew in India.

19:34: The number of coronavirus cases in the Turkey has risen to more than 27,000. Health minister Fahrettin Koca said on Twitter via Twitter that 3135 people had tested positive within 24 hours. The number of officially reported cases rose to 27,069. One day, 73 people died of Covid-19 lung disease, bringing the total death toll to 574.

At the same time, the number of people who officially recovered from the lung disease Covid-19 rose from 786 to 1,042, according to Koca.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced a far-reaching curfew for people under 20 on Friday. The Ministry of the Interior announced on Sunday that young contract workers and seasonal workers in agriculture, among other things, are excluded. In addition, 31 cities, including Ankara and Istanbul, have been largely isolated since Friday night. Entry and exit is only permitted for important supplies. The measure is initially valid for 15 days.

7:31 pm: The traditional Prague Spring Classic Festival takes place this year only online instead of. This alternative form was chosen so that music could bring hope to the listeners even in this difficult situation, said festival director Roman Belor. It is planned to be around in May streamed ten concerts for free on the festival website will. Among them is Franz Schubert’s “Winterreise”, sung by the bass baritone Adam Plachetka.

However, the originally planned opening and closing concerts cannot take place. Both Smetana’s “My Fatherland” and Beethoven’s 9th Symphony call for a large orchestral apparatus that cannot come together under the current rules of distance. An alternative is being sought that should reflect the basic idea of ​​the “Ode to Joy”, explained Belor.

Those who bought tickets for the original program from May 7th to June 4th can exchange them or donate part of the money to the online concerts. The Prague Spring Music Festival has been taking place since 1946.

Parliament in Russia wants to investigate German wave corona reports

18:54: The parliament in Russia wants to target Deutsche Welle and other critical media for reporting on Moscow’s handling of the corona pandemic. The foreign broadcaster of the Federal Republic has spread false news about the Russian approach to the fight against the corona virus, said Vasily Piskaryov, who heads a corresponding investigative commission in the State Duma. Deutsche Welle vehemently rejected the allegations.

Specifically, it is a post in which an activist speaks about a Russian law against the spread of false news, Piskarjow said in Moscow on Sunday, according to a Duma message. According to Piskarjow, the activist described the law as an interference with freedom of expression in the Corona crisis. Other media, such as the US broadcaster Radio Liberty or the critical portal Meduza, would spread false news about the lack of ventilators for the treatment of Covid-19 patients in Russia, it said.

6:23 pm: In Italy, the number of people who died from the effects of the coronavirus fell on Sunday for the second day in a row. Civil defense killed 525 on Sunday, after 681 on Saturday.

6.05 p.m .: Spring is supposed to be warm in the Holy Week and many people are free: Compliance with the strict ban on contact should be a particular challenge for citizens with a view to Easter. The Federal government Over the weekend, appealed to people to adhere to the guidelines for reduced public life. Foreign minister Heiko Maas asked to persevere.

“We must continue to do everything we can to avoid spreading too quickly in Germany. Unfortunately, this also applies to the Easter days – as bitter as it is for many families and groups of friends, ”said the SPD politician to the German Press Agency. He cautioned that a look beyond our borders showed even more dramatically than we did how deadly the corona virus was.

According to the German Weather Service, spring temperatures beyond the 20-degree mark are expected almost everywhere in the country.

Queen Elizabeth II urges British to persevere in the Corona crisis

5:06 p.m .: After a sharp surge in coronavirus infections, Singapore has almost 20,000 migrant workers quarantined for two weeks posed. According to the authorities, with 120 new infections, the largest growth so far within 24 hours was registered on Sunday. Many cases are related to the accommodations of migrant workers.

Two dormitories with a total of 19,800 workers were placed in quarantine. According to the authorities, the workers receive medical care on site and are provided with food. They will also continue to receive their salary. Around 280,000 migrant workers, including from Bangladesh and China, live in the city-state. Many are in shared rooms in large accommodations.

4.35 p.m .:
Queen Elizabeth II calls on the British to persevere and be disciplined in the coronavirus pandemic. This emerges from excerpts of a speech by the 93-year-old monarch, which is to be broadcast on Sunday evening (9:00 p.m. German time).

Apart from the traditional Christmas speeches, it is only the fourth such speech by the British head of state who has been in office since 1952. Previously, Elizabeth II had spoken to the British in 2002 when her mother, Queen Mum, died, before Princess Diana was buried in 1997 and during the 1991 Gulf War.

“I am addressing you at a time that I know is increasingly challenging,” said the Queen. “A time when life in our country was interrupted; a disorder that has plunged some people into grief, for many financial difficulties and for all of us, enormous changes in our daily lives, ”the Queen is quoted as saying.

Hardly concealed, she alluded to the privations of the Second World War. She hoped “that the characteristics of self-discipline, quiet, good-natured determination, and compassion still characterize this country,” said the Queen. “And those who come after us will say that the British of this generation were as strong as ever.”

4.31 p.m .: The Berlin police again found numerous violations of the regulation for the containment of the new corona virus on Saturday and in the night of Sunday. “There was again the whole spectrum: Too little distance or people who were outside for no good reason,” said a police spokeswoman.

Coronavirus infects more than 65,000 people worldwide

4.22 p.m .: Worldwide, according to US experts, are already more than 65,000 people died as a result of the lung disease caused by the novel coronavirus. That is around 5000 more than the day before. The number of confirmed infections with Sars-CoV-2 rose to more than 1.2 million by Sunday noon, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Of these, more than 252,000 people have now recovered.

4 p.m .: in the Iran According to official information, the increase in corona infections has been weakening for five days. In the past 24 hours 2483 new cases of infection Health Minister Kianush Jahanpur said at a press conference in Tehran.

President Hassan Ruhani announced a relaxation of the restrictions on business imposed by the corona crisis. The number of Deaths has risen by 151 over the past 24 hours, according to Jahanpur. As a result, more than 3,600 people in Iran have now died from the coronavirus-induced lung disease Covid-19. With a total of more than 58,200 infections, Iran is one of the most severely affected countries in the world by the coronavirus pandemic. However, international experts assume that the number of unreported cases in the country is far higher.

3.48 p.m .: To prevent the spread of the coronavirus in prisons Morocco’s king Mohammed VI more than 5600 prisoners pardoned. The inmates would be released from custody step by step because of the “extraordinary circumstances related to the health situation and the necessary measures” to contain the coronavirus, the Ministry of Justice in Rabat said. Morocco has reported 960 coronavirus infections and 66 deaths.

3.16pm: Less than three weeks after the start of the Return campaign the federal government is overseas because of the corona crisis stranded Germans back home. “It was not always easy and in some cases it jerked a bit, as you can expect in this difficult time,” said Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas of the German Press Agency. “But everyone involved can be proud of this achievement.”

The 200,000 German tourists were transported back to Germany from 57 countries within 20 days. About 40,000 are still waiting for the return trip, most in New Zealand, South Africa and Peru.

2:53 p.m .:
Pope Francis has in his homily to Palm Sunday called for courage in the Corona crisis. “Today, in this dramatic pandemic situation, with so many crumbling certainties, so many disappointed expectations, in this feeling of depressed abandonment, Jesus says to everyone: ‘Courage! Open your heart to my love ’,” said Francis.

The pontiff did not speak to the faithful in St. Peter’s Square as usual, but turned around Livestream to them. In view of the pandemic, the Vatican broke with a centuries-old tradition at the start of Holy Week. Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem before his crucifixion. On Easter Sunday, the 1.3 billion Catholics worldwide celebrate his resurrection.

Coronavirus: Federal government calls for compliance with contact bans

2:22 p.m .: Given the Spring weather the federal government calls on citizens to abide by the ban on contact in the fight against the corona virus, even during Easter. “We must continue to do everything we can to avoid spreading too quickly in Germany. Unfortunately, this also applies to the Easter days – as bitter as it is for many families and groups of friends, ”said Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) of the German Press Agency. He cautioned that a look beyond our borders showed even more dramatically than we did how deadly the corona virus was.

02.06 p.m .: There are more in Tokyo on Sunday 143 coronavirus cases has been confirmed, the highest increase in a day to date The previous day, 118 people had tested positive for the new corona virus, and for the first time more than 100 people within one day. This means that the Japanese capital already counts more than 1000 cases of infection.

1:16 p.m .: Leading coalition politicians have extensive Stimulus packages promised to bring the German economy out of the crisis after the corona pandemic has subsided. CSU chief Markus Söder spoke out at the weekend for a large stimulus package that should be flanked by nationwide tax cuts. Federal Minister of Finance too Olaf Scholz (SPD) advocated an economic stimulus package; he hopes that this will boost the climate-friendly restructuring of the economy.

Scholz and Söder did not give any numbers. However, they made it clear that the targeted economic stimulus package had to be very massive. “If the first phase with emergency aid and guarantees is over, we also need a vital economic stimulus program of a similar size,” said Söder of the “Bild am Sonntag”. The first emergency measures already decided by the federal government have a volume of well over half a trillion euros.

12:31 p.m .: Italy is preparing one, according to Health Minister Roberto Speranza Five-point plan for the controlled reduction of the corona-related restrictions. But it is irresponsible to promise a date for the return to normality, he told the newspaper “La Repubblica”.

According to Speranza, the government will maintain the rules for social contacts, among other things, in the plan. In addition, it is being examined to massively increase the number of tests and to create more opportunities to treat the sick at home and not in hospitals. There are also plans to provide more hospitals specializing in the Covid-19 lung disease caused by the virus. And an app is to be developed with which infected people can receive medical care from a distance.

Bavaria wants to pay care workers in Corona crisis 500 euros bonus

12.11 p.m .:
Spain reports 126,168 corona virus infection. This means that more people are infected with Sars-CoV-2 there than in Italy. There are 124,632 reported cases. In Italy, 15,362 people died after a coronavirus infection, in Spain there were 11,947.

11:57 a.m .: Of the Iran President Hassan Ruhani said he wants to ease the country’s strict corona regulations slightly. As of Saturday (April 11th), some stores in the provinces are to be reopened under particularly strict hygienic requirements, as the President announced on Sunday.

For the Capital Tehran this regulation only applies one week later – from April 18. However, sports halls, stadiums, swimming pools and other places where there could be larger crowds and thus a higher risk of infection remain closed.

11.43 a.m .: The state government wants all nursing staff in Bavaria to be tax-free for their often exhausting efforts in the corona crisis Bonus payment of 500 euros send. “We in Bavaria do not just talk about it – we do it. We will pay 500 euros as a bonus to all nursing staff,” said Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) to the “Bild am Sonntag”.

According to a government spokesman, the bonus is to be given to all nursing staff in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, old people’s homes, nursing homes and disabled homes – a total of 252,000 employees. The bottom line is that the Free State will cost 126 million euros.

11:23 am: The australian police determined against the operating company Cruise ship, which, despite several suspected Corona cases, let thousands of passengers disembark in the port of Sydney. The investigators suspected that the Carnival Australia shipping company had information on the health situation on board the “Ruby Princess” withheld from the authorities, said New South Wales chief of police Mick Fuller. Ten of the passengers have died as a result of a corona infection.

Despite an existing ban on cruise ships due to the corona crisis, the Australian government granted the “Ruby Princess” permission to moor in March and allowed the 2,700 passengers to leave the ship.

Coronavirus: Bayer has malaria medication delivered to Germany

10.46 a.m .: In the fight against the corona virus, the German Pharmaceutical company Bayer on his already developed decades ago Malaria drug Resochin: The company had a total of 600,000 tablets containing the active ingredient chloroquine delivered to Germany and safely stored there, as the “Bild” newspaper reported on Saturday.

Bayer now produces the drug “exclusively for the common good” and “passed it on to governments free of charge in times of crisis,” Bayer CEO Werner Baumann told the newspaper.

Baumann told the channel n-tv on Saturday: “Existing medications are the greatest hope.” Medications that still had to be developed would not be available on time and in sufficient quantities. Resochin, on the other hand, is immediately available. “And we will do everything we can to produce this medication in sufficient quantities if it should actually be effective,” said Baumann in n-tv.

10:39 a.m .: The Bundeswehr think tank GIDS expects the corona pandemic to have far-reaching consequences for security policy and the restoration of strategic reserves. Regardless of favorable economic and political framework conditions in Germany, the crisis uncovered more and more “the lack of substantial, actually legally prescribed resources at the level of the municipalities and the states as well as the lack of strategic reserves in terms of personnel, material and infrastructure at the federal level”, says in a paper published by the institute on Saturday.

10.12 a.m .: The Greek authorities have one another refugee camp cordoned off for a coronavirus case. An Afghan resident of the refugee camp in Malakasa near Athens had tested positive for the virus, the Ministry of Migration said. No one is allowed to leave or enter the camp in the next two weeks.

The 53-year-old Afghan is said to have a pre-existing condition. With corona symptoms, he had therefore contacted the medical facility within the refugee camp himself. He was then taken to a hospital in Athens, where he was tested positive for the coronavirus.

9.44 a.m .: Experts are increasingly concerned about an increase in the corona crisis domestic violence against children. Federal Minister of Family Affairs Franziska Giffey (SPD) sees this danger especially in the cities. “We get different feedback from the countries. There is obviously a city-country divide, ”she told the German Press Agency.

Out rural areaswhere there are more opportunities to go out and where people do not live so much in confined spaces Potential for conflict not that high. “We haven’t heard of additional case numbers there yet,” said Giffey. Already in the previous week she had received feedback from Berlin that the advertisements for domestic violence had increased by ten percent.

Corona virus: Over 1,400 deaths in Germany

9.32 a.m .: The trade union IG Bau and the federal guild of building cleaning trades warn of one Mass layoffs of cleaning staff. “There are dramatic weeks ahead of building cleaning in Germany: there will be a lot of short-time work – especially this Holy Week and the week after Easter. Even mass layoffs are likely, ”said Ulrike Laux, IG BAU board member, to our editorial team.

She expects hard cuts: “By the end of April, IG BAU expects that around 200,000 of the 650,000 building cleaning workers will be unemployed: 150,000 with short-time allowance and 50,000 without a job – terminated,” said Laux. More here:
Corona crisis: Building cleaners face mass layoffs

9.25 a.m .: The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin has the number of people infected with the coronavirus in Germany on Sunday 91,714 indicated – an increase of 5936 since the previous day.

Johns Hopkins University (JHU), based in the US city of Baltimore, reported 96,092 infected people. The RKI, which only takes into account the electronically transmitted figures from the federal states and updates its list once a day, has registered 1,342 deaths so far, the JHU 1444 dead.

8.00 a.m .:
Finance Minister Olaf Scholz has spoken out in favor of an economic stimulus package that is based on international climate targets. When the acute phase of the pandemic is over, “an economic stimulus package makes sense to boost the economy,” said the SPD politician to our editorial team. “We want to advance the technological modernization of our country and create the conditions for us to be climate-neutral in 2050.” The proposals for an economic stimulus package would be based on these goals.

Scholz did not yet want to quantify the magnitude of the economic stimulus program. “Now it is important that we do not save against the crisis,” he said. “Therefore, we maintain the high level of investment and secure our strong welfare state.” More here:
Olaf Scholz warns of “tax cuts for top earners”

Singer Marianne Faithfull in hospital for coronavirus infection

7.50 a.m .: Greens Group leader Katrin Goering-Eckardt wants means of Health fund use to pay gratitude rewards to medical nurses. “The federal government should now use all means and means to support direct financial bonuses to the staff, among other measures,” said Goering-Eckardt to our editorial team. “The Ministry of Health could now release funds from the health fund’s liquidity reserve and set up a nursing fund so that hospitals, emergency services and care facilities receive additional funds that they can quickly pay out to their employees as thank-you bonuses.”

5.01 a.m .: In the German train 82.4 percent of all long-distance trains arrived on time in March. That was 4.1 percentage points more than in March of the previous year and 3.1 points more than in February, as the federally-owned group announced. However, due to the Corona crisis, the number of passengers and the clocking of the trains were significantly lower than usual. An important reason for delays – the passengers getting on and off at full platforms – was therefore eliminated.

4.15 a.m .: The British singer Marianne Faithfull is being treated for coronavirus infection in a London hospital. The condition of the 73-year-old is stable, her agent said on a report from the PA news agency on Sunday. Faithfull became known, among other things, with the song “As Tears Go By”, which Rolling Stones members Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wrote for them in the 1960s. The singer was sometimes in a relationship with Jagger.

0.37 a.m .:
US President Donald Trump given the corona virus pandemic, the population has tuned in to “very terrible” times. The coming week will likely be the toughest, Trump said on Saturday (local time).

In the United States, more than 311,000 people have contracted the novel corona virus, and more than 8,400 people have died. Trump announced that he would send a thousand military doctors and nurses to the particularly affected city of New York. There will be a large number of deaths, Trump said during the daily press briefing in the White House in Washington. At the same time, he emphasized that the US could not come to a standstill in the long run. “We will not destroy our country.” He added, “At some point, some tough decisions will have to be made.” More on this in our USA Corona news blog.

Saturday, April 4, 2020: Coronavirus crisis – Virologist Kekule considers Bundesliga games feasible in May

Clock: Virologist Alexander Kekule believes a continuation of the Bundesliga in May is possible. “Everything is possible,” said the director of the Institute for Medical Microbiology at the Halle / Saale University Hospital in the ZDF’s current sports studio: “You can think about how you can ensure that the Bundesliga players are able to play.”

For the players, however, this is associated with “draconian” measures. “You would have to extend the lockdown for them. You would have to live privately under special security conditions. The whole team would have to go into a kind of special quarantine. You would also have to test them again before each game, ”said Kekule.

A total of around 20,000 tests would be required for this project by the end of the season. You have to take into account that the players do not belong to the risk group, said the 61-year-old: “The problem could therefore be solved purely virologically. But only if you create a kind of special bubble for the football players. ”

The only question would be how to explain this special treatment to the footballers of society when many other people are doing badly. According to Kekule, football games in 2020 can only take place against a ghost backdrop. “I wouldn’t plan anything with the audience this year,” said the virologist.

9:27 pm: A Croatian woman is now having trouble with the judiciary because she bragged about the fact that she was infected with the corona virus.

The 34-year-old from the village of Vrbovec near Zagreb has terrified her circle of acquaintances and also friends and work colleagues according to media reports with her alleged infection with the corona virus. In addition, she also spread the news about her alleged illness on social media, reported on Saturday, among other things, the newspaper “Vecernji List”.

Colleagues filed a complaint that the woman received a visit from the health department, which after a test confirmed that she was in good health. The woman now see you Criminal proceedings for spreading false allegations and disturbing public calm, it said.

8:51 p.m .: The authorities also record the number of deaths in Italy a positive trend. For the first time in nine days, less than 700 people have died of coronavirus infection within 24 hours. “Our fight against the corona virus continues abruptly,” said government commissioner Domenico Arcuri and warned: “But we should avoid believing that we will win that we have cornered our opponents.”

7:57 pm: A five year old child with previous illnesses is in Great Britain died of coronavirus infection. This was announced by the British Minister of State Michael Gove on Saturday at a press conference in London. According to media reports, it is the youngest victim of the corona pandemic in Great Britain.

The UK Department of Health recorded on Saturday with 708 deaths the highest number of deaths ever in a day.

7.49 p.m .: For the first time in over a month Number of intensive care patients infected with the coronavirus in Italy decreased. 3994 people are currently being treated in intensive care units, 74 less than the previous day, said civil defense chief Angelo Borrelli on Saturday. “This is very important news, because it gives our hospitals some breathing space.” In the region of Lombardy, which was particularly hard hit, about 50 patients were able to leave the intensive care unit.

The rise in the number of victims is steadily weakening, said Borrelli. At the end of March, almost a thousand dead were registered within a day. Now there were less than 700.

This is good news, said the head of the National Health Council, Franco Locatelli. Italy has not yet passed the “critical phase”. The latest development is only an indication that the measures in the fight against the pandemic have had an effect.

7:36 pm: In the pandemic hotspot New York, the situation is getting worse. Governor Andrew Cuomo reported Saturday that the state had 630 deaths in the past 24 hours alone.

7.12 p.m .: After one second return flight for stranded travelers in Pakistan people are still waiting for a flight back to Germany. German ambassador Bernhard Schlagheck tweeted late Saturday evening (local time) to find ways to bring the remaining Germans back. A Flight with 361 Germans and passengers from other European countries was on the way from Pakistan’s capital Islamabad via Doha to Frankfurt (Main), wrote Schlagheck.

There was a lot of praise for the return campaign on social media, but some people wishing to leave were also disappointed, because not everyone was able to leave immediately. “Unfortunately, not all interested parties for the flight could be taken into account,” previously said on the website of the German representation in Pakistan. The Federal Foreign Office initially left unanswered how many stranded people still want to leave Pakistan with the return program.

Already on Tuesday, over 250 people from Pakistan had flown back to Germany. Despite the nationwide curfews, the Pakistani authorities have shown themselves to be “very cooperative”, according to the Federal Foreign Office.

6.15 p.m .: The United Arab Emirates want the one planned for autumn in Dubai World Expo “Expo 2020” postpone by a year. A corresponding formal request was made by the government of the country, it said on Saturday in a statement by the Expo organizers. The world exhibition should now take place in Dubai from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. The event should continue under the title “Expo 2020”.

In the United Arab Emirates, 1505 people have been infected with the novel corona virus, according to official reports. Ten people died of the resulting lung disease Covid-19. Hundreds of conferences and events take place in Dubai every year. For the six-month “Expo 2020”, which was originally scheduled to start on October 20 this year, the city hoped for 25 million visitors.

17:52: In Great Britain Covid-19, a five-year-old child, died of a lung disease caused by the novel coronavirus. This was announced on Saturday by the state health authority. The child’s family asked that no further details be disclosed. So far, the youngest fatality in Britain was a 13-year-old adolescent.

In total, 708 new deaths were registered in the UK in 24 hours. This is the highest number since the Corona virus broke out in the Kingdom. The new casualties were reported to be patients aged five to 104 years.

5.45 p.m .: In Potsdamer Clinics killed four people from the coronavirus within 24 hours. The city announced on Saturday afternoon. Three men died in the Ernst von Bergmann hospital, one death was reported from St. Josefs Hospital.

84 patients with coronavirus infections are currently being treated in hospital at the Ernst von Bergmann Clinic. Thirteen patients are in the intensive care unit, ten of whom are artificially ventilated. At St. Josefs Hospital, 16 people are currently being treated with an infection in hospital, including one patient in the intensive care unit who is also ventilated.

4.37 p.m .: In Germany By Saturday afternoon, more than 89,300 infections (previous day at 4:15 p.m .: more than 83,700 infections) had been registered with the new corona virus. This emerges from an evaluation by the German Press Agency, which takes into account the latest figures from the federal states.

Have particularly high numbers Bavaria with more than 23,000 proven cases and at least 370 deaths and North Rhine-Westphalia with more than 19,400 cases and at least 250 deaths. At least 1250 (previous day at 4.15 p.m .: 1103) infected with Sars-CoV-2 have reportedly died nationwide so far. Several Germans died abroad in connection with a corona infection. As for other countries, experts also expect a high number of unreported cases in Germany.

4:29 pm:
Romania exceptionally allows seasonal workers to travel abroad by plane despite the Corona crisis. Romanian Interior Minister Marcel Vela said on Saturday. This should particularly ease the situation of German farmers, especially asparagus growers, who urgently need helpers. So far, these have largely come from Romania.

Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) and Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner (CDU) had agreed on Thursday to fly 80,000 foreign seasonal workers to Germany under strict conditions. To help with harvesting and other urgent field work, 40,000 people can come in April and May. The Home Office had previously imposed extensive entry restrictions on seasonal workers.

Flight connections between Romania and Corona risk countries are actually prohibited. Traveling to the west by land is not possible because Hungary has closed the borders. In Romania, 140 people have died after being infected with the Sars-CoV-2 virus. The number of infected people rose to 3,616, 430 more than on the previous day

15:51: In Great Britain the number of corona deaths has risen to a new high: 708 new deaths have been registered within 24 hours, said the Ministry of Health in London on Saturday. As a result, more than 4,300 people in the kingdom have already died from the lung disease Covid-19 caused by the virus. The number of corona infected, according to official information, rose to just under 42,000.

3:50 p.m .: In Austria the number of people recovering from Covid-19 has risen faster than the number of new confirmed coronavirus infections for the first time in 24 hours. As the Ministry of Health in Vienna confirmed to the German Press Agency, there were 11,525 confirmed cases of Sars CoV-2 infection in the Alpine Republic as of Saturday, 8:00 a.m. – 354 more cases than the previous day. As of Saturday, 9:30 a.m., a total of 2507 people had recovered from the Covid-19 lung disease caused by the coronavirus – 485 more than the previous day.

3.49 p.m .: President of the Bundestag German politican fears that the Corona crisis could jeopardize Parliament’s ability to act. “We have never had anything like this in our lifetime,” the CDU politician told the Süddeutsche Zeitung. The Bundestag must prepare itself for an emergency.

In a letter to the group chairman, the AFP is available, Schäuble mentions two options: the convening of digital meetings of the Bundestag and the formation of an emergency parliament, as was previously only intended for wartime. However, this would require an amendment to the Basic Law, against which there was cross-party resistance at the weekend.

3:28 pm: Berlin’s Governing Mayor Michael Müller warned in the debate about exit strategies from the Corona crisis that the return to normal everyday life would be too rapid. “There will be no day X when the crisis is over, and everything will be the same as before,” the SPD politician told the news magazine “Der Spiegel”. “We will allow easing step by step, perhaps for certain groups or business areas, and travel restrictions could also be relaxed. But we are not that far yet. “

Müller made concrete considerations for schools and kindergartens in the capital. There are different ideas: “For example, that in schools not initially the entire class is taught together, but perhaps half of the class in the morning and the other in the afternoon,” says Müller. “We will have to live with distance and hygiene rules for a long time.”

2.49 p.m .: To curb the Corona crisis, the spanish government the Emergency and the strict curfew extend across the country by an additional two weeks until April 26. This became known after a video conference by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez with the scientific committee that advises the government. The measures that had been in place since mid-March had already been extended ten days ago.

Since Tuesday, all employees who work in non-essential sectors have also had to stay at home. This order was supposed to last until April 9th. It is considered likely that it will also be extended. However, Parliament still has to approve the new time frame. The vote is expected to take place on Thursday.

2.35 p.m .: For that lying on the coast of Western Australia Cruise ship “Artania” is one because of corona infections 14-day quarantine been imposed. The quarantine began on Friday at 10:00 p.m. local time, said the German tour operator Phoenixreisen (Bonn) and the Minister of Health of the State of Western Australia, Roger Cook.

The ship, known from the ARD documentary series “Crazy for the Sea”, has been in the port of the city of Fremantle south of Perth since last week. The reason is that there were coronavirus cases on the ship. More than 840 passengers and crew members of the “Artania” were flown to Germany, 23 guests and 13 crew members came to Australian hospitals, a 69-year-old passenger died on Thursday. Some of those infected with the Sars CoV-2 virus are in critical condition, according to Australian sources.

Consumer advocates warn of corona virus self-tests

1:49 pm: The Consumer Advice Center North Rhine-Westphalia advises against Self-tests for the corona virus from. The tests required two samples, one from the lower respiratory tract that was difficult to take, the consumer advocates said. Errors often arise when the samples are sent to the laboratories, which has to happen as quickly as possible and with a specific packaging. In addition, the laboratory capacities are limited.

“It is not possible to test all people for coronavirus infections,” said health expert at the consumer center Tanja Wolf. The scarce capacities should be reserved for particularly affected groups such as those in need of care, nurses and doctors.

If you notice cold symptoms, you should contact your family doctor or local corona hotlines and let the decision about a test be made by experts. Corona self-tests are available for sale online.

1:24 p.m .: A day after the end of the Odyssey “Zaandam” cruise ships and “Rotterdam” in Florida, 72 of the German passengers returned to Germany. As confirmed by the Federal Foreign Office, they landed at Frankfurt am Main airport on Saturday morning. Seven passengers are said to still be in Florida. The return flight was organized by the Holland America Line shipping company.

The 79 German passengers embarked on a “Zaandam” cruise in early March around Cape Horn on the southern tip of South America, but were then unable to board Chile as planned due to several Corona cases. The passage through the Panama Canal from the Pacific to the Caribbean was only possible after a long struggle.

The authorities only allowed entry into the port of Fort Lauderdale in southern Florida after the intervention of US President Donald Trump. Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis initially resisted it.

Coronavirus deaths continue to decrease slightly in Spain

1:19 p.m .: A glimmer of hope in the Corona crisis in Spain: The number of corona deaths there decreased slightly for the second day in a row. As reported by the authorities, the day before, 809 people died of the lung disease Covid-19 caused by the coronavirus. On Thursday there were 950 dead – a sad record in a single day in Spain. Overall, more than 11,700 people in the country have died as a result of a corona infection.

The number of new infections also decreased slightly, according to the information, at around 7,000. In total, almost 125,000 infections have been reported in Spain so far. More than 34,000 people are now considered to have recovered.

1:07 p.m .: A first pilot with in New Zealand stranded German landed at Frankfurt Airport early Saturday morning. As the Federal Police announced on request, Air New Zealand’s plane arrived at Auckland shortly after six o’clock with a stopover in Vancouver, Canada.

Most Germans are currently stuck abroad in New Zealand – more than 12,000 had registered for the return program due to the corona crisis, according to the German embassy in Wellington. There will be further evacuation flights from Auckland and Christchurch in the coming days. Lufthansa claims to be involved in this with ten wide-bodied aircraft.

Airlines offer some flights from Turkey for stranded Germans

12.55 p.m .: For because of the corona crisis in the Turkey there are some Germans who got stuck at short notice commercial flights home. That had been negotiated in the past few days after talks with airlines, the consulate general in Istanbul said on its Facebook page, among other things. Those interested have to organize the tickets themselves. The flights could be booked through the airlines’ websites.

For example, a flight with the company is already planned for Monday, April 6 Eurowings from Istanbul to Cologne-Bonn, it said in the message. The airline is also planning SunExpress, in the next week Flights from Ankara, Antalya and Izmir to Düsseldorf to offer. They can be booked “at a later date”.

The message from the Consulate General states: “We advise all those wishing to return to take advantage of the commercial offers available. A return program of the federal government, as also known from the media, is therefore not planned for Turkey. “

12.19 p.m .: The Berlin Senate is making every effort to clarify what exactly is happening with a delivery of Asia 200,000 protective masks happened that never arrived in the capital. “We are in the process of clarifying the details,” said the spokesman for the internal administration, Martin Pallgen. There is currently no information available on what exactly happened at the airport in the Thai capital Bangkok.

Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD) had announced on Friday that the masks intended for the Berlin police had been confiscated in Bangkok at the instigation of the United States. He threw one at Washington “Act of modern piracy” in front.

11:34 a.m .: Consumer advocates have one in front of you massive increase in personal bankruptcies warned by the corona crisis. “If the crisis lasts longer than a month or two, it will happen that way,” said Klaus Müller, head of the Federation of German Consumer Organizations, to the Berlin “Tagesspiegel”. “Then large sections of the population will be in financial need.”

Insolvency law is not prepared for people to go bankrupt as a result of a pandemic and not because of a personal crisis, said Müller. Müller, who went through private bankruptcy, would currently have to live through a long period of good conduct – with strict repayment modalities and behavioral requirements. “This also doesn’t fit a crisis like Covid-19.”

11:24 a.m .: The FDP has accused the Federal Government of making mistakes in the design of the Corona aid package for companies and has called for corrections. “Unfortunately, it was foreseeable that the loan program would have little effect,” said FDP parliamentary group member Michael Theurer. “Our warnings have been confirmed: so far only one in ten applications has been approved by the banks – this is fatal.” A “realignment” is now “extremely urgent”. SMEs in particular now need liquidity support.

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) had previously blamed the banks for the fact that the credit program had not yet got going. Despite the government’s loan program, some banks refused to give financial aid to companies in need, Altmaier told the online broadcast “Bild Live”.

Bayer plans to produce drug Resochin “exclusively for the common good”

10.42 a.m .: The German pharmaceutical company continues to fight the corona virus Bayer on his malaria drug, which was developed decades ago Resochin: The group dropped a total of 600,000 tablets containing the active ingredient Chloroquine included, deliver to Germany and store there safely, as the “Bild” newspaper reported. Bayer now produces the drug “exclusively for the common good” and “passed it on to governments free of charge in times of crisis,” Bayer CEO Werner Baumann told the newspaper.

Baumann told the channel n-tv on Saturday: “Existing medications are the greatest hope.” Medications that still had to be developed would not be available on time and in sufficient quantities. Resochin, on the other hand, is immediately available. “And we will do everything we can to produce this medication in sufficient quantities if it should actually be effective,” said Baumann in n-tv.

Resochin is the Bayer trade name for the active ingredient chloroquine. The drug for malaria prophylaxis, which was developed in the 1930s, has been under discussion for a few weeks after tests on cell cultures have shown an inhibition of the multiplication of the novel coronavirus, which can trigger the lung disease Covid-19.

10.20 a.m .: Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) has been in the corona crisis Respirators for all workers required. “Every employee should have the chance to wear such a mask, if he wants to,” said Altmaier of the Internet show “Bild Live”.

Germany had to adapt to the fact that “we will need a lot more masks – namely not only the medical masks for the doctors, for the nursing staff in the hospitals, in the old people’s homes, in the nursing homes, but also in everyday life, in companies , in the workshops. ”

9.29 a.m .:
Bavaria plans to admit ten critically ill Covid 19 patients from the French capital of Paris to treatment in the Corona crisis. This was announced by Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) on Twitter. He had promised support to the French ambassador. “Friends help in an emergency,” wrote Söder. “Europe must stand together.” Since last Sunday, Bavaria has already taken in ten Corona patients from Italy for medical care.

Available hospital staff should help out in homes

9.23 a.m .: To ensure care in the corona crisis, the German Foundation for Patient Protection has demanded that staff available in clinics be involved in outpatient care and in homes if necessary. “It is absurd if the first hospitals are now considering short-time work for their under-utilized staff”, said the board of directors of the foundation, Eugen Brysch, of the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”. “At the same time, dramatic scenes are taking place in nursing homes due to a lack of staff. So we need bridges instead of walls between hospital and outpatient care. ”

Brysch said: “We need a pool in every community in which doctors and nurses from hospitals and rehabilitation facilities work together with resident doctors and geriatric nurses.” These teams would have to be sent to where the need is greatest. So far, there has been a strict distinction between inpatient and outpatient. “Such a hard separation is fatal in times of crisis.”

8.36 a.m .: As a consequence of the Corona crisis, Germany, according to CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak more independent in medication and protective clothing will. “That’s why I advocate that after the crisis we think carefully about what we have to manufacture in Germany in order to be even more capable in an emergency,” said Ziemiak of the “Iserlohn Kreisanzeiger”. He was convinced that “at one point or another we have to fundamentally rethink industrial policy”.

Karliczek against lowering standards in corona research

7.40 a.m .: Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek has one Lower standards in corona research warned about medication or Vaccines to finish faster. “We are now doing everything that is possible. However, we cannot be held responsible for lowering indispensable standards, ”said the CDU politician to the partner newspapers of the Neue Berliner Redaktionsgesellschaft.

Karliczek added: “We hope that a vaccine that can be used to protect broad sections of the population will be available at the end of the year, early next year. Drug research could go a little faster when it comes to using existing medication. ”

7:01 a.m .: Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey (SPD) sees the danger of an increase in domestic violence in the wake of the Corona crisis, especially in the cities. “We get different feedback from the countries. There’s obviously an urban-rural divide, ”she said. The potential for conflict is not so high from rural regions, where there are more opportunities to go out and where people do not live so tightly.

“We haven’t heard of additional case numbers there yet,” said Giffey. Last week, however, she had received feedback from Berlin that the Domestic violence ads increased 10 percent be.

Pink has been infected with the corona virus

6.34 a.m .:
US singer Pink (40, “Just Like a Pill”) has become infected with the corona virus. The mother of two announced this on Friday evening (local time) on Instagram. Two weeks ago, she and her three-year-old son Jameson had signs of Covid-19. Fortunately, her doctor could have quickly obtained a test that was positive for her. The whole family had isolated for two weeks, everyone was now healthy, Pink said.

The singer sharply criticized Washington for failing to provide tests quickly and comprehensively. “We would have to enable free and extensive testing to protect our children, families, friends and communities,” says the star. she becomes donate a million dollars to healthcare. Which celebrities were still infected with the corona virus.

6.01 a.m .: Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil has against an early all-clear pronounced. “The people in our country have managed to flatten the curve through responsible behavior,” Heil told the “Welt”. The trend should be strengthened and the further course determined in close coordination with the experts. “But it is still too early to give the all-clear”.

NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet appealed to people to continue to respect the ban on contact. “Don’t let up now. Let’s keep going together. This is the only way we can save and protect lives, ”said the CDU politician in a video published on Twitter.

He understood the desire to go into nature on the upcoming spring weekend. With the “dream weather” to be expected, this is a “huge temptation”. “But many want that. Too many. So many that it is not possible to keep a distance on forest paths, in parks, on lakes, on rivers, ”said Laschet.

Also Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister Boris Pistorius has expressed understanding for people who want to get out on weekends given all the corona restrictions and in sunny weather. Nevertheless, contagion must be prevented together and in solidarity, said the SPD politician. “Everyone understands that people sometimes want to get out, especially in the weather and in the week before Easter.” That is not prohibited, given the restrictions. But: “I am counting on the fact that the vast majority, as has been the case so far, is reasonable and insightful and adheres to the rules.”

Left and Greens meanwhile criticized the partially arranged Travel restrictions within Germany. The parliamentary director of the left, Jan Korte, told the editorial network Germany, the general contact blocks are fundamentally correct. “But pulling up the borders at the federal states and saying that some people can relax for a day by the sea from their everyday life in the apartment and others not – that goes too far.”

The deputy chairman of the Greens parliamentary group, Constantine von Notzsaid the RND, were necessary federal regulations. “We need a coherent and transparent overall concept. We don’t need small statesmanship. “

5.11 a.m .: Given the burdens of Caregivers Nursing funds and employers are open to Bonus payments of up to 1500 euros. “Nursing staff performed outstandingly under corona conditions, and this should be particularly rewarded,” said Florian Lanz, spokesman for the umbrella organization for statutory health insurance (GKV), which also represents the nursing insurance funds, the editorial network in Germany.

Lanz explained: “Since this premium is ultimately financed from the wallets of the contributors, their amount must be determined with a sense of proportion.”

5.01 a.m .: Several Correctional institutions in NRW have the production of Protective masks Discovered for itself: As the Ministry of Justice announced at dpa request, mouth-nose cloth masks have so far been manufactured in five JVA tailors. All are intended for internal use.

4.24 a.m .: The US group 3M has according to its own information no clues on that intended for the Berlin police Protective masks were confiscated by the United States. “3M has no evidence to suggest that 3M products have been confiscated,” a dpa request said on Friday evening (local time) in a message from the company. “3M has no documents about ordering respirators from China for the Berlin police.”

According to a report by, the White House also denied corresponding allegations that Berlin’s senator Andreas Geisel (SPD) had raised. He had spoken of an “act of modern piracy”. Inquiries from the German Press Agency to the White House remained unanswered.

1.53 a.m .: In the USA the number of deaths has increased by more than 1,000 within 24 hours. The number of victims was on Friday evening (local time) according to data from Johns Hopkins University 7087 – after 5949 the evening before. According to this information, more than 275,000 people in the United States are now infected with the corona virus.

0.53 a.m .: The Foreign Office assumes that currently more than 40,000 German travelers abroad. The information was based on estimates, the Ministry of the “Rheinische Post” announced. Most Germans are still in South Africa, New Zealand and Peru.

The German government is currently gathering stranded holidaymakers all over the world because of the pandemic and bringing them home. So far, 194,000 German tourists have been brought back, said the Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas after consultations with his 26 EU counterparts.

Friday, April 3, 2020: Coronavirus crisis – More than 40,000 fatalities in Europe

9:38 pm: In France the number of Covid 19 victims has risen dramatically. Be within 24 hours 588 new deaths Health Director Jérôme Salomon said in Paris on Friday evening. Since March 1, at least 6507 people have died, including 5091 in hospitals, 1416 in old people’s homes and other social services. The number of patients who need to be treated in intensive care units has also risen from almost 6,400 to 6,662, 35 percent of whom are under 60, he explained.

9:35 pm:
Cuba has a part of the city center that is popular with tourists Havana sealed off due to the corona pandemic. This should stop the spread of the novel corona virus, reported the state television on Friday, citing the government. In the district “El Carmelo” particularly many people became infected through contact with foreigners or Cubans who had been abroad.

The round 27,000 residents They are not allowed to leave the area for the time being from Saturday night (local time). According to the information, only those who have to perform essential services and can prove that they are not infected with the virus come in and out. So far, 269 infections and six deaths have been confirmed in the socialist Caribbean state.

WHO emergency coordinator warns of a premature end to corona measures

9.09 p.m .: The emergency aid coordinator of the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that measures to curb the coronavirus pandemic will end prematurely. The economy is also of no use if exit restrictions have to be lifted first and then reinstalled due to the rapidly increasing number of cases, Michael Ryan said in Geneva on Friday.

Some of the measures, such as keeping distance from other people, may have to be retained for the time being even after the current restrictions have been relaxed. “Many countries in the world tragically and dangerously climb a mountain and we have to be very careful how we get down there,” said Ryan.

8:18 pm: The Asklepios Klinik Hamburg-Barmbek has a corona patient from the Netherlands added. As Asklepios announced on Friday, the patient is seriously ill and needs ventilation. The supply of the 60 year olds success in compliance with high safety and hygiene standards. A risk to other patients is excluded. Patients from abroad are also treated in the university clinics in Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) and Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) in Kiel and Lübeck.

7.46 p.m .: For cooperation in the supply of Covid-19 patients EU countries can hope for money from Brussels. The EU Commission published guidelines for cross-border cooperation on Friday and provided possible ones financial support from several funding sources, for example for the transport of patients from one EU country to another.

Germany had recently taken seriously ill coronavirus infections from France and Italy. The EU Commission emphasized that transferring patients from one member state to another could relieve health systems in the pandemic. The Commission also promised assistance in sending medical teams across borders.

The Commission wants to help by submitting applications cross-border aid coordinates. This involves free intensive care beds, transferring patients or sending medical teams. The Brussels authorities want to keep an eye on where and which capacities are free. Transport could be financially supported.

Corona virus: More than 40,000 deaths in Europe

7:17 p.m .: A spread of the coronavirus in Africa would have devastating consequences in the opinion of the EU’s foreign minister, Josep Borrell. “The pandemic could get out of control very quickly there”said the Spaniard after consultations with EU foreign ministers. The health system in Africa is not comparable to that in Europe. In Africa, for example, there is only one doctor for every ten thousand inhabitants, while there are 37 doctors in Europe. “We have to help Africa in our own interest.” The problem would not be solved if it was only solved in Europe. Then there could be a setback. The development ministers of the EU member states want to advise on possible aid next Wednesday.

7.12 p.m .: The Number of fatalities due to the novel corona virus is in Europe on more than 40,000 gone up. By Friday, 40,768 corona deaths had been registered on the continent, according to a calculation by the AFP news agency based on official data.

Europe is the worst affected continent by the pandemic. More than three quarters of deaths in Europe have been reported from Italy, Spain and France. 14,681 people died in Italy – more than in any other country in the world. So far, 10,935 deaths have been recorded in Spain and 5,387 in France.

18:54: Because of the corona pandemic Men and women in Peru no longer leave their homes on the same day. In the future, men will be able to move outdoors on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and women on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. There is a general curfew on Sundays.

Peru has already imposed very strict exit restrictions to slow the spread of the corona virus. For example, in most of the South American country there is a curfew between 6 p.m. and 5 a.m. In addition, the Peruvians are only allowed to leave the house to buy food or medicine.

The number of new infections in Italy is slowly stabilizing

6.45 p.m .: In Italy the number of new infections with the corona virus stabilizes. Meanwhile, the number of new deaths remains high. The number of people in the country who were proven to be infected with the pathogen increased by four percent on Friday compared to the previous day. This is roughly the same rate of increase as on the previous days. The hope is that the curve will finally sink after weeks of curfews.

Total are now registered 119,827 Infections detected – however, an immense number of unrecognized cases is expected. 766 deaths with proven infection were added within one day, a total of 14,681, according to the civil defense. Experts believe that Italy may have reached the contagion wave plateau. “Even today, the trend has remained positive,” said Attilio Fontana, President of the region of Lombardy that was particularly affected. “The decline should begin in the coming days.” It is particularly important that the pressure on the hospitals there has decreased, as the regional health official, Giulio Gallera, emphasized.

6:29 pm: EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen expects the gradual removal of the corona restrictions to take months. “I think more likely in months”, said the German CDU politician on ZDF when asked whether she would rather think of weeks, months or an even longer period when dealing with the situation. The measures would have to be repealed in the reverse order in which they were introduced.

6.20 p.m .: The EU Commission has cleared the way for a planned one additional government loan program in the corona crisis. The Commission approved programs in which Member States could, for example, grant interest-free loans or assume 100% risk liability. The maximum limit per company is 800,000 euros. The aim was to quickly meet the urgent liquidity needs of small and medium-sized companies, the commission said on Friday.

Merkel: Experience an Easter like never before

6.15 p.m .: Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has again asked all citizens to join Easter to adhere to the specified contact restrictions due to the Corona crisis. The Chancellor said in her video podcast that she could not yet set a deadline for the measures to end. This would also be irresponsible in the current situation. “We will all experience a completely different Easter time than ever before,” said the head of government.

For millions of Christians, Easter is the going to church, “Easter Sunday with the whole family, maybe a walk, Easter fire, for many it is a short vacation at the sea or in the south, where it is already warmer. Usually. But not this year, ”said the chancellor.

Merkel went on to say: “In this context I am also thinking of the Jews and Muslims in Germany and all other believers who cannot now come together in their houses of worship. This is one of those limitations that really go to the core of a society and that we can only accept in an emergency and only for as long as absolutely necessary. “” Still, I would act absolutely irresponsible if I simply gave you a specific day today, where the measures could be canceled, or at least loosened, but then could not keep this promise because the number of infections would not allow it. “If she would disappoint the hopes associated with it,” we would be in a bad mood – medically, economically, social, ”said the Chancellor.

17:54: After an accumulation of corona cases in the Potsdam Ernst von Bergmann Clinic is Friday night another patient died. It is a 76-year-old man, as the clinic announced. It is the ninth dead person in the hospital to be infected with the virus.

According to the hospital, 79 Covid-19 patients are currently being cared for in the house, 14 of them in the intensive care unit. The hospital is currently not approached by the emergency services, except for births and life-threatening measures.

Scholz presents strategy for stabilizing European public finances

5:35 p.m .:
with face mask and gloves, but without groomsmen and relatives: Many couples prefer to cancel their wedding immediately in the face of such gloomy prospects. Not so Miriam and David Peters from Hamburg. Last weekend, the two of them moved to the registry office in Uetersen near Hamburg as planned – and experienced a surprise on the way back: along the route, almost all of the originally invited guests had posted at individual stations to provide the newlyweds with music, gifts and other creative things Surprise actions.

A camera team from the Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) had accompanied the couple, the video has now become a hit on the Internet, and the clip has already received 3.5 million clicks on Facebook alone.

5.20 p.m .: Federal Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz has a strategy for Stabilization of European public finances presented in the Corona crisis. “My suggestion is to use the existing instruments quickly and effectively and to give a common European answer,” said the SPD politician before the meeting of the EU finance ministers to our editorial team.

He thinks of three specific instruments. This should give Member States the opportunity to borrow from the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) “a sum equal to two percent of their economic output”. This would enable them to stabilize their public finances without having to pay high premiums. “For Italy that would be about 39 billion euros.”

Scholz rejected Italy’s and other EU member states’ demands for joint borrowing – so-called corona bonds. “Italy wants a strong European response to the pandemic. Rightly so. And there should also be, ”he said. “That’s why there shouldn’t be any senseless requirements, as was sometimes the case in the past. No troika will come into the country to tell a government how to do politics. It’s about support in the crisis. “

Scholz answered the question whether the euro survived the corona crisis with a clear “yes”. The finance minister also answered in the affirmative whether all euro countries would keep the common currency. He explained: “We have learned from the financial crisis and the sovereign debt crisis and have made the necessary decisions to make the euro stronger.”

In addition, the European Investment Bank should be able to lend “50 billion euros to companies who urgently need it, following the example of the German credit institution for reconstruction,” said the Vice Chancellor.

In addition, EU members would have to be supported in dealing with suddenly growing unemployment figures. “The EU Commission has just put forward proposals that remind me of my idea of ​​unemployment reinsurance,” said Scholz. “This also helps the states to master the crisis. If we use these three instruments, it would be a very strong signal of solidarity in Europe in the fight against the corona virus. ”

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Interview with Olaf Scholz: “This challenges us as human beings.”

5.15 p.m .: Of the German Football Association (DFB) has responded to the repercussions of the Corona crisis with extensive adjustments to his game rules. The Season 2019/20 can be extended beyond June 30th if necessary, announced the DFB on Friday. In this course, game entitlements, switching periods and contracts with players can be adjusted in time. In the event of a season break, special arrangements for promotion and descent would be possible.

It is one of the most far-reaching interventions in the history of the DFB in the game and youth regulations. The agreed changes are valid until June 30, 2021 for all age groups and amateur leagues. With the beginning of the 2021/2022 season, the previous provisions should come into force again.

5:09 pm:
Brazil keeps its land borders closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Brazilian government issued a decree on Thursday evening (local time). Accordingly, may Foreigners no longer enter for another 30 days. Freight transport and humanitarian actions are excluded. On March 19, the government closed the land borders to a total of eight neighboring countries and prohibited the entry of foreigners who do not live permanently in Brazil by land for 15 days. All borders are now closed.

Passengers in Deutsche Bahn long-distance traffic have dropped massively

16.55 p.m .: The number of passengers in the Long-distance traffic of the Deutsche Bahn According to a media report, the corona crisis has dropped massively. The utilization of ICE and IC trains is “at times below 10 percent,” reported the broadcaster HR-Info, citing a railway operator involved in the operation.

Nevertheless, the railway will not thin out the current program over the Easter holidays. “The company wants to drive around 70 percent of the normal range,” Hessischer Rundfunk quoted the railroad worker. Officially, a railroad spokesman said at the station’s request that “around 75 percent” of the normal long-distance transport service is currently used. The load on the trains was “significantly reduced”.

4.42 p.m .:
Women are experts, according to particularly badly affected by the consequences of the coronavirus crisis. “Women make up almost 70 percent of health care workers and are therefore at higher risk of infection,” says a study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Women would also carry most of the burden at home, as schools and childcare facilities would be closed and gender inequalities have long existed in unpaid work, the experts said. They also have a high risk of job and income losses and are at increased risk of violence, exploitation, abuse or harassment in times of crisis and quarantine, the authors write. Previous crises indicated that the coronavirus pandemic would likely lead to an increase in domestic violence.

4:27 p.m.: The EU commission has given the green light for exemption from surcharges on imports of medical equipment from third countries. “This will imported protective equipment cheaper“EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in a video message.

The measure concerns masks and protective equipment as well as test kits, respirators and other medical devices. Respirators from China would normally pay twelve percent inches, said von der Leyen. Added to this is the VAT that Member States pay to Brussels for imports into the EU. “After today’s decision, protective masks can be bought about a third cheaper,” she calculated.

USA confiscates protective mask delivery for Berlin

4:12 p.m .:
Berlin must in the Corona crisis on a much needed delivery of Do without 200,000 medical protective masks. Reason: the The United States confiscated the goods in Bangkok, as Berlin’s senator Andreas Geisel (SPD) announced.

The FFP-2 masks, which can protect against infection with the corona virus, were intended for the Berlin police, according to him. Berlin ordered and paid for them from a US company. According to research by the “Tagesspiegel”, they were made in China, official information was not available. Geisel criticized the United States’ actions sharply. “We consider this an act of modern piracy,” he said. “This is not how you deal with transatlantic partners. Even in times of global crisis, there should be no wild west methods. “

4:02 pm: The Federal government plans e.g.
additional huge programto prevent a wave of bankruptcies in the middle class. As the German press agency learned from government circles on Friday, it is about improvements in terms and exemption from liability for Loans. It is therefore under discussion to secure loans for medium-sized companies for a limited time with 100 percent state liability. The maximum limit could be 500,000 euros per company. The state could offer guarantees totaling up to 300 billion euros. The EU Commission still has to agree.

Science Academy: Relaxation of measures after Easter holidays possible

3:59 p.m .: The National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina holds one Relaxation of measures in the fight against the corona pandemic after the Easter holidays for possible. It is conceivable, for example, that contact bans are implemented less strictly if other measures are followed. A gradual relaxation of the restrictions, for example, should go hand in hand with “widespread wearing of mouth and nose protection,” according to a statement by the Leopoldina. “Mouth and nose protection reduces the transmission of viruses, especially by reducing the droplet infection.”

The prerequisite for this is that protective masks are also available. “The shortage should already be bridged by self-made mouth-nose protection, scarves and scarves,” it says. These should cover the mouth, nose, chin and the side edges as completely as possible. The protective device makes sense, since a large number of infected people go undetected without symptoms in public spaces.

3:50 p.m .: Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil (SPD) has a general in the corona virus crisis Increase in short-time work benefits brought into play. Short-time employees currently receive 60 percent of the lost net wages and households with children receive 67 percent. For their part, employers are exempt from paying social security contributions in the crisis.

Trade unions had repeatedly called for workers to be helped, especially those with low wages and without an increase in state payments. He would talk to employers and unions about “whether we can raise the short-time allowance again,” said Heil of the “Rheinische Post”. There are talks about it, a decision has not yet been made, a ministry spokeswoman confirmed on Friday in Berlin. At the same time, Heil promised a possible extension. The simplified rules for short-time work would build bridges over this crisis. “If necessary, we can build it even longer.”

Austria is considering easing emergency operations

3.42 p.m .: over 194,000 because of the corona pandemic abroad stranded vacationers have been to Germany so far brought back been. Most package travelers are now back home, said Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) after a video conference with EU colleagues. But it is now becoming increasingly difficult to “pick up individual travelers”. The EU countries are currently all facing the same problems in this regard. “We agreed there that we would coordinate the dates and the flights that we book even more closely,” said Maas. So far, it has worked well and Germany has “taken home more than 3000 citizens of other countries”.

3.40 p.m .: Given the recent encouraging development in the corona crisis, stand out in Austria’s first easing of the previous emergency operation. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP in front of the National Council announced that the government would take a close look at the numbers over the weekend and inform them about a possible step-by-step plan on Monday.

The return to normality will definitely be gradual and cautious. Obligation to wear masks and distance is certainly part of the new consumer culture. The current measures apply at least until April 13th. Health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens) said that an overload of the health care system, which is considered a horror scenario, is not to be feared in the near future. Most recently, the daily rate of increase in new infections was comparatively low around five percent.

3.33 p.m .: The British head of government Boris Johnson remains because of his corona disease Quarantined longer than originally planned. He has had the recommended seven days of self-isolation and is feeling better, the prime minister said in a video message from Downing Street, where he is quarantined in an apartment above his office. But he still has a fever, so he won’t go back into public for the time being.

Summer semesters at universities are not postponed

3.19 p.m .: To the German universities According to the will of the federal states, the summer semester should take place despite the restrictions caused by the corona crisis. “The summer semester 2020 will be an unusual one, but it should not be a lost semester,” said the Conference of Culture Ministers (KMK) of the federal states. Accordingly, “the necessary framework conditions for the smoothest possible teaching and research operations” should be created for the universities.

According to the KMK, students who, due to the corona pandemic and the restricted range of courses, are unable to provide all or all of the required services no disadvantages to have. This applies, for example, to requirements regarding the standard period of study. The federal states would work to ensure that flexible regulations could be found, for example, with the BaföG, child benefit or health insurance.

The federal states also set key points in the event that further restrictions become necessary. The semester times for the According to the KMK, summer semester 2020 should not be postponed, the lecture times can be arranged flexibly. The dates for the application and admission procedure for the winter semester 2020/2021 would be adjusted. Lectures at universities and technical colleges should then start on November 1st.

3.10 p.m .: The Greens are planning one for the first time in Germany Online party convention. “On May 2nd, we invite you to our first completely digital party conference,” said Federal Managing Director Michael Kellner to the “Tagesspiegel”. Specifically, according to party information, it is a small party conference, a so-called country council. According to Kellner, 100 delegates should only participate by video. “We are risking a democratic experiment,” said the Green Managing Director. “There will be speeches that have been set and drawn, as is usually the case at Green Party conventions – only the speeches will not be given on stage, but in your own living room.” The most important issues are the Corona crisis and its effects.

Health Minister Spahn wants to advance mask production

3:02 pm: Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) wants to face the coronavirus epidemic Promote the establishment of domestic production of protective masks. “We buy what is possible from foreign manufacturers,” said Spahn on Friday after visiting the central transshipment warehouse in Thuringian Apple City for the medical protective equipment procured by the federal government. “But the epidemic and the development of the past few weeks also shows that we should not be so dependent on the international market in the long run.” This is highly competitive.

The Federal Government has therefore made an offer to the local economy and wants to support them in building up protective mask production. It is a matter of security in terms of acceptance and price. Discussions were currently underway with companies from the mechanical engineering and textile industries. According to information from the ministry, almost 37 million FFP face masks and surgical masks were distributed to the federal states via the warehouse in Apfelstädt from mid-March to the end of this week. This is a relief, but in the end it is not enough, said Spahn.

2:56 p.m .:
The schools in Germany are closed. The question that concerns many parents: When do they open again?

2:50 p.m .:
Bonus payments to employees
for their use in the coronavirus pandemic are now expensive and free of social security. This applies to grants or benefits in kind up to a one-off amount of 1,500 euros this year, as Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) announced. Employees must receive them between March 1 and December 31, “in addition to the wages owed anyway”.

Prince Charles inaugurates Corona Hospital

2.38 p.m .:
Bremen has a Fines catalog for violations of the quarantine order in the Corona crisis. Interior Senator Ulrich Mäurer (SPD) presented the list on Friday, which provides fines from 50 euros to 5000 euros. “The cases of everyday life are regulated in this catalog of fines,” said Mäurer.

For example, an infected person has to pay 400 euros if they leave the quarantine without special reason or without the consent of the health department. If more than two people gather in the public space, 50 to 150 euros will be charged for each participant. Anyone who organizes public or private events has to pay between 250 and 2500 euros. The highest fines are due for unauthorized use of day care, schools or day care centers. In the case of repeated cases, the fines can rise to 25,000 euros.

2.34 p.m .: In London is a pr
temporary hospital with 4000 beds for coronavirus patients. The British heir to the throne, Prince Charles, inaugurated the Nightingale Hospital, which was set up in an exhibition hall in just nine days and is operated by the state health service NHS, by video message.

The hospital was “a bright light in these dark times,” said Prince Charles at the opening. Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son had been tested positive for the novel corona virus in March. However, he had only mild symptoms and was allowed to end his self-isolation on Tuesday. Also read:
Prince Charles has survived Covid-19 – what he now advises

2.30 p.m.: A putative with the corona virus infected patient has triggered a police operation in Leipzig University Hospital. The emergency room alarmed the officials because the patient refused further treatment and that Wanted to leave hospitalthe police said. While the emergency services still put on the protective equipment of the clinic, a doctor took care of the man. The doctor was finally able to convince the patient of the need for treatment, so that the police officers did not have to intervene further.

No loss for those receiving parental allowance

2.15 p.m .: The Subscriber of
Parental allowance According to the will of Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey (SPD) because of the corona crisis no loss
n suffer. For mothers and fathers who apply for benefits these days, months with corona-related income losses should not be used to calculate the amount of parental allowance, as a spokeswoman for Giffeys said.

Giffey now wants to discuss the precise design of the proposed new regulation within the coalition and with the federal states. It is still unclear whether a legal change is required for this, which the Bundestag and Bundesrat should approve.

02.02 p.m .: Federal Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz (SPD) continues to block European community bonds, so-called “Corona bonds”. “From the point of view of the federal government, the discussion should focus on the use of instruments with which solutions can be implemented quickly,” the magazine quoted from a paper from the finance department. Eurobonds or “corona bonds” are not meant, it said. Also read:
Corona bonds solve the crisis and how do they work?

German passenger died on cruise ship “Artania”

13.53 p.m .: Before the deliberations of the euro finance ministers in the coming week, a first consensus on short-term is emerging European grants in the corona crisis. According to information from the German Press Agency, France and Germany could jointly propose a three-pillar program.

As is apparent from a template for the meeting, this should be done Loans from the European Stability Mechanism and the European Investment Bank be used. In addition, the EU could provide funds to secure unemployment insurance in the Member States.

Similar to the German aid program KfW development bank, the European Investment Bank EIB could secure up to 80 percent of national development and commercial banks for short-term working capital loans and bridge financing. From the ESM, the member states could receive loans of up to two percent of gross domestic product – provided that the funds are used solely to deal with the corona crisis.

1:42 p.m .: A German passenger the one stuck in western Australia Cruise ship “Artania” is in a clinic in the city of Perth after a coronavirus infection died. It was a man in his sixties, as the health authority said on Friday. He was one of the passengers who had tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. The relatives were informed, it was said.

The “Artania”, known from the ARD documentary series “Crazy for the Sea”, has been on the coast in front of the city of Fremantle south of Perth since last week. The reason is that there were coronavirus cases on the ship. More than 840 passengers and crew members were flown to Germany, and dozens came to Australian hospitals.

Study shows benefits of mouth protection

1:38 p.m .: Berlin’s Senator for the Interior, Andreas Geisel (SPD), assumes that he will stay with the whole year Corona Crisis Restrictions is to be expected. A loosening of the so-called lockdown in April or May is possible, he said on Friday in the Berlin-Brandenburg radio. “But the restrictions, distance regulations, changes in our lifestyle – I’m afraid that will be with us all year round.”

“A serious assessment of the numbers is possible in mid-April,” said Geisel. He recalled that it was about “slowing the rate of infection so that we do not overload the healthcare system and prevent conditions like those in Spain or Italy.”

1:34 p.m .:
Christian Drosten, chief virologist at the Charité in Berlin and one of the leading experts in the field of the coronavirus pandemic, has referred to a study on Twitter that demonstrates the benefits of respiratory masks. According to this, collective wearing of masks restricts the spread of coronviruses and flu viruses.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) had already changed its assessment of wearing face masks on Thursday. If people wear a mask as a precaution, even without symptoms, this could reduce the risk of viruses being transmitted to others, according to the website of the federal authority.

1.30 p.m .: All older news about the coronavirus pandemic can be found in our old Corona news blog: “RKI: Measures against coronavirus have a clear effect”

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