Coronavirus outbreak in mosque in The Hague

At least 21 members of the religious community at a mosque in The Hague have been infected with the corona virus. Insiders say that to Omroep West. Some members of the Faizul-Islam association have called on the municipality of The Hague to intervene.

The infections are said to be due to the fact that meetings were held in the mosque, which was officially closed by the board on March 12. The corona measures were also not taken into account. For example, services would have been attended by more than thirty people without maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters.

The fact that there were meetings despite the closure of the mosque is partly due to the fact that there are about a hundred keys of the building in circulation.

Report from patient

On Friday, May 22, the mosque board received a message from a visitor who tested positive for the coronavirus. The visitor was last in the mosque the Friday before. The board said it took action again and decided to close the building until 10 June.

Whether the mosque has remained closed since then is not clear. Sources tell Omroep West that despite the contamination during the Sugar Feast, a prayer service was still organized.

According to insiders, the chairman of the board and the imam are now also infected with the corona virus. That has not been confirmed. The mosque was not available for comment.

The municipality reports that there have been several reports of meetings in the mosque and that the board has been made aware of this. Reference is made to the emergency ordinance, which states that there is an exception for the opening of places of worship, “provided that no more than thirty people are present”. No action will be taken until offenders are caught red-handed.

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