Coronavirus pandemic: US government recommends wearing masks to citizens

The U.S. government contrary to a previous guideline, now also advises Wearing face masks as a measure against the spread of the coronavirus. “This is voluntary,” said President Trump at his daily press conference at the White House. He added: “I decided not to do it.” The recommendation relates to masks made of fabric, which can be made at home, for example, but not to medical protective masks.

The Turkey takes further action against the coronavirus pandemic. Since midnight, vehicles in 31 cities have not been allowed to drive in or out, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said. On public places and supermarkets will Wear a protective mask. Partial curfew applies to people younger than 20 years old.

Other important news: Sweden’s government expects thousands of deaths from the virus. Also Virologist Drosten recommends simple protective masks. Seehofer wants to expand border controls. Angela Merkel has ended the home quarantine. (more in the news blog below)

Here are the current coronavirus numbers: According to the reports from the counties, that the Tagesspiegel collects, Almost 91,000 people in Germany are currently proven to be infected with the corona virus. More than 1270 died from Covid-19. Worldwide there are according to the Johns Hopkins University now more than a million infected: As of Friday evening, there are almost 1,083,000. There are also a total of 58,243 dead.

Background information about the corona virus:

Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Andrew Medichini / AP / dpa

Pope expresses video message about the coronavirus pandemic

With a Video message has the Pope addressed to families affected by the corona pandemic. “If you allow it, I would like to talk to you for a few moments during this period of difficulty and suffering,” said Francis at the beginning of the five-minute clip released on Friday evening.

He introduced himself Familys in front, who “lived an unusual life” for fear of infection. Children and young people could not go out, go to school or shape their lives themselves. According to the head of the church, he loved all these families – especially those who had lost a loved one because of the corona virus.

He also think of elderly, lonely people who are on their own in the current emergency. He thinks of all those with financial problems, as well as the many Everyday heroes who would have to continue to serve society. “It is a difficult time for everyone,” emphasized the Pope. He called for this To use the time of the crisis as best as possible – not least through generosity and help for the needy. Because even in isolation it is possible to give room to “the creativity of love”.

The upcoming This time Easter will be celebrated “in a very unusual way”said Francis. Easter belief, however, nurtures hope for a better future. “Together, with love and patience” it is already possible today to prepare a better time, said the Pope. (KNA)

WHO emergency director warns against hasty relaxation

The World Health Organization (WHO) emergency coordinator has warned of a rapid end to the measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Also the The economy would not be served if exit restrictions had to be lifted first and then reinstalled due to the rapidly increasing number of casessaid Michael Ryan on Friday in Geneva.

Some of the measures, like that Keeping distance from other people, may have to do so even after the current restrictions have been relaxed to be kept. “Many countries in the world tragically and dangerously climb a mountain and we have to be very careful how we get down there,” said Ryan. (dpa)

Air Force brings Covid 19 patients from Italy

The Air Force flew six other people from Italy who were seriously ill with Covid-19 to Italy for treatment on Friday. The Airbus A310 MedEvac, which arrived in Bergamo in the afternoon, ended up in Cologne with the patients in the evening, said an Air Force spokesman in Berlin. According to dpa information, the patients in Rhineland-Palatinate should continue to be treated. Germany has been increasingly helping Italy for a few days because the EU partner’s hospitals are sometimes in dramatic conditions. (dpa)

Austria strengthens tenant protection due to coronavirus crisis

The Austrian Parliament has significantly strengthened tenant protection as part of a third legislative package to combat the corona virus. Rents that are not paid or not paid in full from April 1 to June 30 due to the economic situation will no longer be grounds for termination in the future.

In addition, they cannot be sued until the end of the year and cannot be offset against a deposit. Evictions are prohibited by law. The Austrian house and landowners association had recently criticized the innovations sharply.

In the legislative package, which still has to be decided on the weekend by the Federal Council – the chamber of the federal states – was also clarified that the accident insurance also applies to the home office. In addition, Education Minister Heinz Faßmann (ÖVP) is given extensive competencies in the school area and can change the deadlines and cut-off dates for the current or upcoming school and academic year, including the holidays.

The approval of the Federal Council is considered very likely. In the National Council, the two government parties ÖVP and Greens, as well as the opposition SPÖ, voted for the legislative package. (dpa)

Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.


Andy Wenzel / XinHua / dpa

Turkey steps up measures against coronavirus pandemic

In the Turkey have been reported to be within the past 24
Hours another 69 people with corona infection died. So that’s the
Minister of Health Fahrettin said the total number of deaths rose to 425
Koca on Friday evening with. In addition, 2786 other people are tested positive
– the number of officially reported cases rose to 20,921
Turkey with its approximately 83 million inhabitants are 141,716 tests so far
Have been carried out.

president Recep Tayyip Erdogan turned in the evening
again to the nation. After the elderly over 65 and the chronically ill
he now issued a ban on the under-20s. That should stop
Apply at midnight. He also explained that Mask wear in busy places like
Markets or shops
for mandatory. It should also be in 31 cities
initially not allowed to drive in or out of cars for 15 days.

According to official information, the million metropolis of Istanbul was infected
reported – around 12,200 cases. The mayor of the city, the
Opposition politician Ekrem Imamoglu made a tweet the following night
note that the number has increased by almost 40 percent within 48 hours
be. He has been demanding stricter exit restrictions for the city for days. The
Turkey reported its first coronavirus case on March 11. (dpa)

Turkish President Erdogan

Turkish President Erdogan

Imago / Xinhua

Worldwide, more than a million infections with the novel corona virus have been detected. The effects of Covid-19 on the individual countries differ, as do the reactions of politicians. Here is an overview of the situation in selected countries.

Daily mirror

Altmaier criticizes banks

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier criticizes the behavior of banks in the corona crisis. The institutes would refuse financial aid to companies in need, despite the government’s loan program, The CDU politician told the “Bild” after a preliminary report from Friday: “We have knitted an extensive loan program that is supposed to help the entrepreneurs and there we get feedback that this is used differently from house bank to house bank.”

“There are some who say we don’t give you credit because we don’t know how long you can’t produce, how long the corona crisis will last,” he said. The aim of the help is to bridge this time. “Then I think it’s wrong to rely on it to refuse to lend.”

Altmaier announced that “in the next few days, clarity will be created to ensure that all medium-sized companies get the money they need to secure their companies, their jobs.” (Reuters)

Bulgaria extends state of emergency

Bulgaria’s parliament has despite criticism from head of state Rumen Radew the one-month state of emergency that has been in effect since March 13 because of the coronavirus pandemic extended by one month. 122 parliamentarians voted in favor of the government bill on Friday evening. 47 people’s representatives voted no. There were seven abstentions.

Head of state Radew is critical of an extension of the state of emergency. “The special restrictions slow the rise in the number of cases, but led to social paralysis and ushered in an unprecedented social and economic crisis,” Radew criticized before the vote. This further widened the differences between him and Prime Minister Boiko Borissow. Radew cannot stop the extension if Parliament overrules a possible veto by the president.

So far, 485 coronavirus cases have been detected in the poorest EU country, with 14 deaths. People are only allowed to leave the capital Sofia and the other 26 regional centers for good reason. Only grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and petrol stations are open. (dpa)

Bulgaria's head of state Rumen Radew.

Bulgaria’s head of state Rumen Radew.

Marko Djurica / Reuters

Laschet: “Don’t let up now”

At the start of the Easter holidays NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet in a video message people to Follow the ban on contact called. “Don’t let up now. Let’s keep going together. This is the only way we can save and protect lives, ”the CDU politician appealed in a video published on Friday afternoon on Twitter with a view to the coronavirus pandemic.

He understood the desire to go into nature on the upcoming spring weekend. With the “dream weather” to be expected, this is a “huge temptation”. “But many want that. Too many. So many that it is not possible to keep a distance on forest paths, in parks, on lakes, on rivers, ”said Laschet.

In addition, the prime minister assured, “intensive” thought would be given to how “a return to social life will be possible again”. “But today there is a ban on contact. Keep distance. And above all: stick together. ”(Dpa)

Von der Leyen expected a long way out of the corona crisis

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen expects the gradual removal of the corona restrictions still takes months. “I think more likely in months”, said the German CDU politician on Friday on ZDF when asked whether she would rather think of weeks, months or an even longer period when dealing with the situation. The measures would have to be repealed in the reverse order in which they were introduced.

The EU Commission is currently working on criteria for this. The infection rate and the number of intensive care beds played a role. The authority would shortly present its exit strategy as a recommendation to the EU member states – knowing well that the pandemic had progressed to different degrees in different regions. (dpa)

Ursula von der Leyen

Ursula von der Leyen

dpa / AP / Reiters Pool / Francois Lenoir

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