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Updated on 04/01/2021 08:09 am

He Peru expects 13.2 million doses from Covax Facility. However, vaccinations may not arrive this year, warned the member of the “Vaccine Command”, Antonio Pratto.

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The Global Access Fund for Vaccines COVID-19 would have planned to develop 3 billion dose. So far they have 700 million insured, but only 300 million are in Phase III of clinical trials (AstraZeneca).

“We are talking about having to distribute those 300 million doses among all the countries that are on the stock market. I doubt that this is possible, “he regretted after noting that the solution would be for Peru to correct the errors of the management that started the process of vaccines, and begin to sign agreements as soon as possible.

No vaccinations. “Colombia made the same mistake as Peru. They had doses only with Covax, but they realized that Covax is not coming even at the end of 2021, so they signed with Pfizer and a few days ago with Johnson & Johnson and it was done quickly. We do not know why Peru does not sign ”, he questioned.

At the regional level, the engineer took Chile as an example, which from the beginning did “things well”, assumed leadership of the health crisis in his country.

“Since February, the Chilean president has formed a vaccine committee, he himself called the laboratories, summoned the ambassadors, and assumed leadership. We did not do it and we should accelerate, so the big question is: what is Peru negotiating? ”, He said.

Pratto also referred to the role of the lawyer Carlos Neuhaus, who will lead a technical secretariat attached to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. “His work will begin when the vaccines arrive to see the logistics distribution.

If there are no vaccines in Peru, the logistics strategy cannot be applied ”, he explained.

On this issue, the Ministry of Health indicated that “the agreements are made under confidentiality”, and recalled that as announced by the head Pilar Mazzetti, there are negotiations with six laboratories.


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