News Coronavirus: the second life of a Decathlon mask

Coronavirus: the second life of a Decathlon mask


Easybreath masks, sold by Decathlon since 2017, can be transformed into emergency respiratory masks. The invention did not come from Géo Trouvet or the web, but from an Italian start-up.

“We invented the Easybreath to allow as many people as possible to see and breathe in water as on land.” The French distributor of sporting goods Decathlon, also very developed in Italy, could almost add a line to its promotional message: a rescue respirator to help patients with coronavirus.

Facing the shortage

The photos have flourished everywhere in recent days, which show patients wearing the snorkeling mask. Are they really used in hospitals? Yes, but in Italy, and with some modifications…

Idea of ​​a doctor

In reality, it was a doctor at a hospital in Lombardy who came up with the idea of ​​designing an emergency breathing mask from a simple diving mask. To do this, he contacted a start-up, in this case the Italian Isinnova, who determined that the Easybreath was the best suited, and immediately designed an adapted respiratory valve, which it prints in 3D. This valve connects the mask to a respirator.

Faced with the shortage of medical equipment, hospitals like the one in Brescia have not hesitated and are now using this mask.

Prudence at Decathlon

What does Decathlon think? Cautiously, the brand published a thread on Twitter on Tuesday to “clear up the situation” and recall that its mask was designed solely for snorkeling. However, she said that she kept the 3D plans of the Easybreath “available to research centers”. But “to date we have not had validation that solutions actually work and are used by doctors.”

Towards a stock shortage

In reality, yes. Knowing that Isinnova has released the parts necessary to make the emergency mask and published a tutorial video on its site, this solution should quickly be emulated, even without approval. The Easybreath masks will no doubt very soon be out of stock on the Decathlon merchant site. This is already the case for the size S / M.



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