Corrections to EXIT 4 more prisons this week – MCOT Thai News Agency

The Department of Corrections, Oct. 12 – The Department of Corrections plans to EXIT four more prisons this week.

Mr. Ayut Sinthopphan, Director-General of the Department of Corrections Ministry of Justice Reveal the situation of the epidemic of the coronavirus disease—19 In prisons and correctional institutions (as of October 11, 21), there were 201 new cases of coronavirus, 58 more recovered, no deaths reported. Resulting in 2,133 infected people who are still in the care of the Department of Corrections. Today, the epidemic has been found again in the central correctional facility. As a result, there were 19 red prisons and 123 white prisons, with 67,142 cumulative cases cured, or more than 94.1 per cent of the 71,324 cumulative cases, 158 cumulative deaths, or 0.2%. of cumulative infections

Mr. Ayut added that The epidemic situation in prisons now Still considered quite slow It also found cases of new outbreaks in prisons and prisons that are still in control of the epidemic. Currently, there are eight sites, four new outbreaks and four re-epidemics, while there are prisons in the plan to end the epidemic. 4 will be out of the epidemic within this week, starting from the Prachuap Khiri Khan Provincial Prison. Tomorrow (October 13) and 11 places are expected to be out of the epidemic by this month, the Department of Corrections has vaccinated a total of 266,878 inmates, up from 3,577 doses yesterday. Vaccinated to 203,931 inmates, number 1, number 2, 62,947.-Thai News Agency

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