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[Epoch Times November 21, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Luo Ya reported) A few days ago, many places in China reported that express parcels tested positive and issued urgent notices to remind people to be cautious about online shopping. The post office also announced the suspension of logistics due to the high risk of the epidemic.Mainland alsoexpertThe objection is that there is no need to be nervous, the surface of the package is dead and the virus will notinfect, The probability of logistics spread is less than that of a car accident.

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Recently, many places, including Hohhot, Tieling, Liaoning, and Beijing have successively reported nucleic acid-positive incidents of express packages, and many places have issued emergency notices to carefully mail-order products in epidemic areas.

18On Japan, the State Post Bureau of the Communist Party of China also issued an urgent notice that the receiving and mailing business in the medium and high risk areas will be suspended, and normal logistics will be resumed after the medium and high risks are lifted. The courier said that even if the items that have been sent arrived at the transfer station, they were still arranged to be returned in the same way. Therefore, before online shopping, ask about the service of the mailing service.

The logistics company also introduced that now because express items have to be fully dissipated multiple timesEven if it is not in the affected area, the delivery time will be delayed.

The Chinese Communist Party’s Center for Disease ControlexpertZhang Liubo suggested at a related press conference of the State Council that the surface packaging should not be brought indoors or disinfected, and appropriate protection should be done when receiving express delivery.

Many places in the mainland reported that the express nucleic acid test was positive, triggering public panic. (Internet screenshot)

However, the mainland “Caijing” magazine reported, quoting the opinions of many experts, saying that “there is no need to be overly nervous” and explainSevere acute respiratory diseaseChinese Communist virus) Once you leave the human body, you will gradually die. Previously, there were few cases where live viruses were detected on objects, and dead viruses were not available.infectSexual.

The report quoted Jin Dongyan, a virology expert at the University of Hong Kong, saying, “The probability of an ordinary person being infected by the virus after receiving a courier is much lower than the probability of being hit and killed by a car on the street.” “The risk of express delivery is lower than that of the cold chain. .”

Coincidentally, as early as January this year, the Chinese Communist Party also frequently claimed that imported fruits on cold-chain packages and imported fruits from foreign countries were detected on the surface.Chinese Communist virusA positive nucleic acid reaction, including cod, cherries, American imported beer, etc., caused panic among the people.

The Chinese Communist Party once proposed to testCold chain foodAs an important policy for the new round of epidemic prevention.Shanghai Epidemic Prevention ExpertthenIt means, “I was infected because I bought something imported from abroad. So far, no case has happened. The probability is higher thanAir crashStill low. “

At that time, Wu Zunyou, the chief epidemiologist of the CDC, also echoed that the chance of infection by buying contaminated food was extremely low.

The Caijing report also quoted an article by experts from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in April this year. Compared with direct contact and droplet transmission or air transmission,Severe acute respiratory diseaseThe risk of “material transmission from person to person” is low, “generally less than one in ten thousand.”

And Zhang Hongtao, an associate professor of research in the Department of Pathology and Experimental Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, also told Finance and Economics that the virus must not only infect people, but must have complete virus particles and be active. If you only see the gene fragments, it is equivalent to seeing the corpse of the virus.

The Caijing report also stated, “Although the risk of infection in receiving regular express delivery is very low, the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued epidemic prevention guidelines for the express delivery industry, which can further reduce the risk of’material-to-human transmission.’

Obviously this refers to the CDC’s trivial work.Some netizens criticized in a post after a financial article, “It’s shameful! The virus is still alive in the hands of consumers a few days later, and it is really going to dominate the world.”

Former U.S. Army Research Institute Virology Researcher, PhD in MicrobiologyLin XiaoxuEarlier, it was emphasized that the virus itself is mainly transmitted through the air and aerosols, so the vast majority of human infections are through respiratory tract infections, not through contact with objects. He also believes that local officials and the CCP will not rule out the pandemic.

He believes that preventing airborne transmission should still be the focus of epidemic prevention and is the first. The easiest way to spread contact is to wash your hands frequently, avoid picking your nostrils, wiping your eyes, etc., which can basically be prevented. Moreover, most workers will wear gloves when they touch objects.

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