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Covid-19: Coupe de France, instructions for use

One draw, three possibilities … The French Football Federation (FFF), faced with the 5th wave of Covid-19, has according to RMC adopted new measures on the sanitary protocol to be followed for the round of 16 (scheduled from January 1 to 4). The FFF recommends that teams “encourage players, employees, volunteers, service providers and all those who contribute to the organization of club life” to be vaccinated.

Then everything will depend on the poster. Or three scenarios: match between two amateur clubs, amateurs against professionals and professionals between them.

Between amateurs, the protocol applied will be that of the FFF concerning the national championships. It stipulates in particular that no postponement can be considered. If a club does not manage to gather enough players, it will be immediately forfeited. According to this regulation, as soon as an amateur club has less than 16 able-bodied players, including a substitute goalkeeper, the forfeit is recorded.

The coach, the only one exempt from the mask

Concerning the amateur – professional mix, special arrangements have been made. Each member of the amateur club concerned must present a negative PCR test dating from less than 24 hours before the start of the match, or a complete vaccination schedule or a result of a positive PCR test attesting to a recovery from Covid-19. The professional club will be subject to the same regulations as those in force in its championship under the aegis of the Professional Football League (LFP).

Finally, for meetings between professional training, it is the LFP protocol and it alone that applies. Each member of the teams concerned must certify having no symptoms on the morning of the match and must present a negative PCR, a complete vaccination course or a certificate of recovery dating from at least 11 days and less than 6 months.

Wearing a mask will be compulsory for those on the sidelines, except the head coach. Any breach of these regulations will be the subject of proceedings before the Federal Disciplinary Commission.

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