Covid-19 crisis. Héléna Martinez, mayor of Sainte-Geneviève-lès-Gasny: “Difficult to go and see the people”

New mayor of Sainte-Geneviève-lès-Gasny (Eure) since the municipal elections of March 2020, Héléna Martinez had to face the arrival of the health crisis. (© Democrat Vernonnais)

Inhabitant of Sainte-Geneviève-lès-Gasny (Your) for fifteen years, Helena Martinez decided last year to run for the municipal elections to “make things happen”.

Objective successful. Except that its new status takes a different turn with the arrival of the health crisis.

An unprecedented return to school

Elected in March, installed in June, the new mayor of the town experienced a “special succession”. In question, the distended relations between her and the former mayor, Marcel Beny.

Dynamic in nature, Helena Martinez did not hesitate to take advantage of the three months of beating to help the population: distribution of masks, help with shopping for the elderly …

“In June, we started our roadmap with the preparation of files or the reopening of the school,” recalls the mayor. Then, summer arrives and life resumes. We do a lot of maintenance. This allows us to catch up on our delay ”.

However, the health crisis is disrupting the functioning of the new municipal team :

“It’s quite annoying for our projects like the creation d’associations. It becomes more difficult to go and see people ”.

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