Covid-19: in full epidemic recovery, France enters its tenth wave

The information is no longer top-notch but is nevertheless very real: the coronavirus epidemic has indeed entered its tenth wave across France.

The obligation of tests and isolations seem far away, and yet the figures for contamination have started to rise again in recent weeks, as revealed Release.

13,000 people hospitalized

The incidence rate jumped by +26% the week of March 13 to 19, reaching 70 cases per 100,000 last week, and 78 per 100,000 on Monday March 27.

always according to Releasebased on calculations from the University of Geneva website, “the reproduction number has risen above 1 in France, indicating an epidemic resumption since the beginning of February”.

According to the figures recorded in the weekly epidemiological bulletin published by Public Health France at the end of March, incidence and positivity rates” have increased since the week of March 6, while remaining at low levels”.

Omicron, variant dominant

But, due to the drop in tests, the number of cases remains insignificant compared to hospital indicators: after a drop to 1,500 new patients per week, the number of weekly admissions has risen to 2,100.

13,100 people carrying Covid-19 are currently hospitalized, compared to 30,000 in previous waves. About twenty deaths are recorded each day, the Omicron variant remaining the majority.

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