Covid-19: the virus would damage the brains of some patients, even asymptomatic

Atrophy of the gray matter of the brain has been observed in patients who have contracted the coronavirus.

And if the Covid made us age faster and if it nibbled on our brain … The side effects could indeed be more important and affect infected people in the long term, even asymptomatic in gray matter.

In any case, this is what highlighted a study established by British researchers. Published on August 18, it shows that in some patients with Covid-19, atrophy of the gray matter of the brain is observed.

This atrophy which is usually observed during aging, as pointed out LCI.

Hundreds of MRIs studied

Scientists analyzed nearly 800 brain MRI, half of which comes from patients who have contracted Covid.

Through medical imaging data, they made several discoveries.

They observed a “more pronounced reduction in thickness and contrast of gray matter in the lateral orbitofrontal cortex, a increased tissue damage, in regions of the brain functionally connected to the piriform cortex, anterior olfactory nucleus and olfactory tubercle and a greater reduction in overall brain size measurements and a increased volume of cerebrospinal fluid suggesting additional diffuse atrophy in infected participants “.

And the results are the same in people hospitalized with severe forms as in people with few symptoms.

Persistent or reversible effects?

For the British researchers, “these results may be characteristics of a degenerative spread of the disease – or of the virus itself or of neuroinflammatories”.

Before concluding: “It remains to be seen whether this deleterious impact can be partially reversed, for example after improvement in hyposmic symptoms (loss of smell), or whether these are long-term persistent effects …”

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