Covid-19: vaccination for all and hospital blood pressure still high in Martinique

Vaccination open to any adult

After a little more than ten days of confinement, the number of new cases of Covid-19 is in slow and steady decrease for two weeks and Martinique.

With 642 new cases observed last week, the positivity rate at 8.4% has fallen below the alert threshold, located at 10%. However, it remains above the vigilance threshold.

During his press conference held this afternoon, Jérôme Viguier, director of the ARS, insisted on the explosiveness of this third wave, and on the still active circulation of the virus in the population. The English variant, more contagious and more aggressive, has taken over, and now represents 96.2% of coronavirus cases detected.

To continue to curb the epidemic, the director of the ARS therefore maintains the importance of vaccination:

Access to vaccination allows us to envisage a gradual exit from this crisis and a return to the living conditions that we knew before the epidemic.

Nearly 35,000 people have been vaccinated in Martinique. But this figure is still too low according to the authorities, which have a vaccination capacity of 7,500 people per week, thanks in particular to seven centers spread over the island.

To remedy this, any adult can now be vaccinated against Covid 19, regardless of age or health, as stated by the director of the ARS:

It is a clear invitation to the entire population: go get vaccinated

An ever-lively hospital tension

At the hospital level, although a very slight drop in activity is observed, it remains at a very sustained level: the occupancy rate of intensive care beds is greater than 60%. Four new deaths from Covid-19 have been counted since Tuesday, including three in the last 24 hours. Bringing the total number of coronavirus-related deaths to 79 since the start of the epidemic.

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To deal with this situation, a hospital solidarity system was put in place two months ago. The “bed management“thus makes it possible to distribute the patients in the various health establishments of the island, according to the beds available in each of them. A little more than 70 patients are therefore transferred each week so that the CHU can focus on the Covid sector. . In this sense, it has also deprogrammed 55% of its activity. On the other hand, more than 1000 liberal nurses have mobilized to take care of patients with Covid-19 at home, thus avoiding non-hospitalizations. justified.

Since the beginning of April, Martinique has also called on 29 reservists from different regions of France, who should remain on the island until May 17, when the authorities hope to see a clear appeasement of the situation. sanitary.

Mr. Fabien Laleu, Director of healthcare and autonomy at the Martinique Regional Health Agency:


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