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This Monday, during the transmission of the ‘Prevention and Action’ program, it was announced that those people who already suffered from covid-19 will be included in the National Vaccination Plan.

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The National Government’s Vaccine Advisory Committee affirmed that people who had a confirmed history of covid-19 are within the National Vaccination Plan, with the precision that they would be vaccinated later, according to how long it has been since they contracted the virus.

People will be initially assigned to the phase and stage that corresponds to them according to the prioritization criteria. However, they will be eligible to be vaccinated once 90 days have elapsed from the date of onset of symptoms (for symptomatic patients) and from the date of sampling for asymptomatic patients..

This decision was made after a review of the scientific literature by the departments of epidemiology and demography as well as drugs of the Ministry of Health, supplemented by a consensus meeting organized by the Institute for Technological Evaluation in Health (IETS).

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At this time, progress is being made in the operationalization to carry out the database crossing so that the data is validated in the ‘My Vaccine’ platform so that citizens with a history of infection can make their query and know when they will be enabled to be vaccinated.

This update will be given in the coming days and will be recalculated on a daily basis to take into account compliance with 90 days and enable the vaccinated whose stage is open once this period is completed.

For his part, the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, said that this news will entail “additional work in the programming of ‘Mi Vacuna’ in order to carry out the entire process in the most orderly manner,” and explained that the decision was taken as part of a guideline issued by the Ministry of Health.


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