Covid-19: WHO calls on Tunisia to accelerate its vaccination campaign

The epidemic situation is improving slightly in Tunisia, announced Monday the World Health Organization (WHO), while calling on the country to “accelerate” its vaccination campaign.

“The epidemiological data are going in the right direction. (…) We have the feeling that the peak of the epidemic may have passed”, explained Yves Souteyrand, WHO representative in Tunisia, during a press conference.

Souteyrand was however cautious. The Delta variant still represents “more than 90% of cases of contamination” and the impact of family gatherings organized during the religious holiday of Eid al-Adha is still difficult to assess, and risks thwarting this progress, according to him.

According to Souteyrand, Tunisia, 12 million inhabitants, has thus “received in ten days about seven million doses of vaccines and it will receive perhaps two or three million” soon. Now, “the challenge is to speed up the vaccination campaign,” he said.

On Monday, the Tunisian health ministry announced the launch of a mobile vaccination campaign in several regions.

In a statement, the services of the Presidency of the Republic then announced the organization of a special vaccination operation across the country next Sunday, intended for all Tunisians over 40 years of age.


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