Covid-19: why national confinement is excluded in the United States

As the country is going through a third wave that promises to be deadly, Donald Trump once again assured that a new confinement was not on the agenda.

It’s a little routine that has gradually given way to silence. Last April, when the United States was experiencing the first peak of the coronavirus epidemic, Donald Trump held a press conference at the White House every day to take stock of the health situation. At his side, the infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci, in charge of the American health strategy, came to clarify the words of the American president and sometimes re-establish certain facts.

But now, these educational and often repetitive briefings disappeared when the country believed to control the spread of the virus, in favor of sporadic communication, or even almost non-existent. The Trump administration, for its part, is with absent subscribers regarding a possible toughening of measures. Meanwhile, Anthony Fauci has been shelved. In an interview with CNBC on Friday, October 30, the health man from the United States even admitted not having spoken to the Republican billionaire since the beginning of October. At the same time, he sounded the alarm again. “If things don’t change, if they continue on this path, there will be a lot of pain in this country in terms of additional cases, hospitalizations and deaths,” he warned.

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