COWAY HORIZON Air Purifier, 3-layer filter, modern design

COWAY launches the latest Horizon air purifier, an air purifier that will help you be confident in every Innovative and technologically advanced breathing To help trap dirt that is invisible to the naked eye. Make you feel safer with filters that can kill bacteria and eliminate odors in the house. Comes with a beautiful, modern design.

Clean drinking water and fresh air It is a fundamental factor in human life. Especially in today’s world, there are many factors that affect the environment all the time. whether drinking water that is contaminated with harmful substances or even in every breathing time We may have been exposed to invisible foreign matter contaminated in the weather first. whether small particles of dust bacteria And very importantly with the problem of the epidemic of the virus that the world is facing right now. Therefore, it cannot be denied that for the living The good health of you and your loved ones Therefore, it is necessary to have a helper that comes as a reinforcement in creating good health. ready to help take care of eliminating the causes that cause health problems that are coming soon


COWAY HORIZON air purifier

COWAY presents the best innovation and technology as a year-end gift for consumers. Launching the Horizon air purifier that comes with Powerful Filtration, a powerful 3-layer filter system. With the front Pre-Filter filter panel with the ability to trap dust up to 10 microns in size, hair or other impurities that can be seen with the naked eye. Deoderization Filter with efficiency in helping to eliminate odors in the house Helping you own the fresh air truly clean and pure and most importantly, the HEPA Filter, which is like the last line of defense that has the ability to trap dust as small as 2.5 microns and help kill bacteria and viruses. Reassure you and your family every time you breathe in the air in your home.

Take care of your loved ones and create a safe environment with modern design air purifiers.

Respond to the modern lifestyle with a beautiful design air purifier. Modern, no matter where it is placed in the house, it is perfect. COWAY is considered the number one water purifier and air purifier brand from South Korea. That creates confidence for consumers to drive innovation and advanced technology for product quality to meet the highest standards. In terms of design, COWAY is equally important. Horizon Air Purifier (Horizon) is designed to meet the lifestyle of the new generation who like products with beautiful, modern designs that can be used as luxury furniture. that comes with powerful functions Helps reduce air pollution in the home Increase cleanliness and safety for users Horizon (Horizon) is guaranteed with 3 design awards including Good Design Award, iF Design Award and IDEA Award. It has a sleek and modern design. Reinforcing the number one position in the air purifier market with outstanding designs that are beyond anyone else

COWAY as a brand that cares about the quality of life in all aspects of consumers. We would like to deliver an air purifier that is efficient in terms of design and functionality. It is like a gift delivered to consumers to take care of their health and that of everyone you care about. Interested in more information about “COWAY Air Purifier Model HORIZON” at or call 1421

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