crackdown on demonstrators hardens

Published on : 18/10/2020 – 21:31

They have been demonstrating for ten weeks now to demand the departure of Alexander Lukashenko. Several tens of thousands of Belarusians again gathered in the streets of Minsk this Sunday afternoon to demand the resignation of the president but also the release of political prisoners.

With our correspondent in Minsk, Ania Novak

The procession along the Avenue des Partisans was much quieter than usual. Less red white red flags, symbol of independence, less chanting. No more worry, however, as the repression has hardened in recent days in Belarus.

The march was interrupted by arrests – around 100 in total. Regularly, the black minibuses of the Omon, members of the special police forces, blocked the crowd, using grenades, water cannons or tear gas.

« Above all, you must not run, otherwise they aim at you », Warns Kristina. Used to demonstrations, this young video game designer does not lose her cool when the Omon pass a few meters from her.

Like Julia, Alina, Olga or even Viktoria, crossed today, she comes every week. ” No choice, they all say, if we want change. And above all, there is no going back. »

However, fatigue is felt in Minsk. It is for this reason that Svetlana Tikhanovskaya has issued an ultimatum to Alexander Lukashenko. She gives him another week to leave power. Otherwise, it promises huge demonstrations and a general strike. Because Alexander Lukashenko is the only one to have an interest in the revolution getting bogged down.


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