Crises are chasing Muhammad Ramadan.. His clothes are his involvement with the “musicians”

A new crisis is facing him Egyptian artist Mohamed RamadanThis time, the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate, led by the artist Hani Shaker, party, because of the controversy that Ramadan raises in his concerts and the clothes he wears.
This comes despite Hani Shaker’s statements, issued hours ago, in which he confirmed that Muhammad Ramadan is “immune”, due to his membership in the Syndicate of Acting Professions, and therefore he is able to obtain a permit from the Musicians’ Syndicate to sing.

However, Hani Shaker revealed a resounding surprise at the press conference held on Tuesday evening, accompanied by the artist Tamer Abdel Moneim, when he explained that they were as a union when they told Muhammad Ramadan to sing, they stipulated that he adhere to public morals and traditions and wear clothes.

Indeed, Muhammad Ramadan’s lawyer communicated with his client, and confirmed his commitment to these terms, which Ramadan agreed to and signed a pledge in front of Hani Shaker.

However, the Musicians’ Syndicate revealed the union’s decision, stressing that Ramadan did not abide by the pledge he signed, and therefore the union decided to stop his permits, and not to grant him future permits.

The Syndicate of Acting Professions, which is the main syndicate that Mohamed Ramadan follows, demanded an investigation with the Egyptian artist because of what happened to him in his concerts in Egypt, and the Musicians Syndicate stressed that he had contacted the Actors Syndicate before issuing the decision.

He also stressed that the decision is related to Mohamed Ramadan’s concerts inside Egypt only and his singing inside Egypt, especially since the union does not have authority over concerts that take place outside Egypt.

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