Cristian Chicho Arango talks about the Betplay League finals: Strengthens Nacional | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Cristian ‘Chicho’ Arango literally lives the American dream: he was elected the best debutant of the MLS 2021 campaign, the news came from Magic Johnson himself, he is the sensation with his 14 goals in 17 games of the regular season. .. and he does not disconnect from Colombia or his League.

Right now he is in Medellín, working with Envigado during his vacations so as not to lose competitive tone, choosing not to relax while many others do.

And days before the start of the home runs of the League Betplay reveals that he maintains full contact with his former teammates of Millionaires, chooses the one who would take his team tomorrow, but confesses that, at the time of the title, he wins his heart.

When it comes to the comparison between the United States and Colombia, he sees everything clear: “There is something about Colombian football and it is tactical football, the order to attack. The intensity of the MLS is above, the spectacle is the goal, you go to see 7 or 8 players in the area and defenders passing the middle of the field to support. But in the Colombian league there is more tactical order and that may be why there are not many goals, “he said.

Arango says that Millonarios is always on the radar: “I talk to the boys, they don’t care if I’m a Nacional fan but I respect the shirt, I made very nice friends there,” he says.

And when it comes to choosing between the team you love and the one that shot you? “I give Nacional and Millonarios 50/50. They are above. I take a risk: if Nacional and Millonarios go to the end, I will force Nacional. But if Millonarios is a finalist and not Nacional, I will force Millonarios.”

And to tie a bit what could be a disappointment for Millonarios, look at who would take MLS with a closed eye: “A Stiven Vega. Atuesta and Vega are complementary. For him I put my hands to the fire wherever. But in Millonarios There is a lot of quality: Emerson is on a rising career; Llinás matured overnight and now I see him as a professional, I do not see him with desire but with responsibility on his shoulders; I love how Juan Pablo Vargas plays, he is one of My favorites in the League. Roman I think he makes a lot of difference and he is about to leave soon, he will not pass this year, he deserves to leave and many teams will try to do so. There are many in the quarry with a process, the teacher Gamero is a teacher rather than technical, if they let themselves be guided they will be brilliant “.


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