Cristiano Ronaldo and his family investigated for controversial video of his son

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Portuguese authorities are investigating the Juventus soccer player from Italy for a controversial video of his vacation.

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The Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo faces a new rival in his career who will have to haggle: the authorities of his country are investigating him for the broadcast of a video in which his son appears.

In the recording, which was taken by the player’s sister, the oldest of the CR7 heirs is seen riding alone and unsupervised a Jet Ski or jet ski.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, who is following in his father’s footsteps at the Turin club, is just 10 years old and driving a vehicle of that magnitude could pose serious danger.

Some netizens criticized the striker and his family for allowing the little boy to ride on his own.

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“Recklessness is not of the child, recklessness is of the adult who is in charge. It’s that simple,” said a user on Twitter.

Now the Madeira-born could face a fine that could go from 338 to 3400 euros.

However, the sanction would be applied if the vehicle is from the Aveiro family, but if it belongs to a rental company, the money would be collected from the person who supplied the motorcycle.

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Despite this, followers of the player assured that the fine would not represent anything to him.

“He will pay the fine as if he were buying chewing gum”They said as a mockery on Twitter.

The video of the evidence was deleted minutes after it was published by the child’s aunt, however, on social networks they managed to recover it.

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