Critical Mass – Huge Velodemo in Zurich – “Motorists go crazy”

Cycling together is the motto of the Critical Mass, which takes place every last Friday in Zurich. The meeting point for the past few months was Bürkliplatz in District 1 at 6.45pm. On May 28, a particularly large number of demo participants drive through Zurich, blocking traffic.

There are several hundred people there, estimates a news scout who watches the column from his balcony. “It does not stop. They’re still passing by. It’s unbelievable! ”He is amazed. It is “the largest and longest demo I’ve ever seen on Langstrasse,” he writes. He should know, because he has lived at this address for 20 years. In addition to loud techno music, there is also a horn concert on the street, he is a little annoyed. «The drivers are freaking out. «

Another news scout is also watching what is happening and is surprised at the huge number of participants. “It’s been like this for 40 minutes”.

The Zurich city police warned on Twitter of restrictions in city traffic – “Due to the large number of participants, probably for several hours.” The traffic police, dialogue teams and the special commissioner are on duty.

It is unclear how many participants there are in the demo. On request of 20 minutes, the city police cannot provide any information, as pictures of news scouts show, but there should be a few hundred participants.

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