Criticism of ‘Hopefully you die’ (2018): Danger on the Internet

Hungarian film about Central European youth, starring Eszter, a girl cast by her English teacher. But when said teacher announces to his students that he is returning to his country of origin, for Eszter it will be a tremendous stick. Meanwhile, Peter, her classmate, is also in love with her, with which the three-way chats multiply to weariness. What this sizable debut feature makes very clear is that we need fewer gadgets and more humanity. The rest of the film focuses on the parents of its young protagonists, bewildered by the harrowing for everyone else in which we currently find ourselves.

‘Hopefully you die’ warns of the dangers that lurk in the great carnival of the Internet. Bear in mind that when the danger seems light, it stops being light. This Diderot maxim has never been more evident than it is now: “Within ourselves we erect a statue in our image and likeness, idealized but recognizable, and we spend the rest of our lives striving to resemble it.” Mihály Schwechtje’s film tries to unmask a phenomenon that leads so many people to take refuge under fake personalities. Valuable false identities are constructed and are often simulations of the true identity of those responsible.

I hope you die

Hungría. 2018. 103 m. Drama.


Mihály Schwechtje.


Szilvia Herr, Kristóf Vajda, Csaba Polgár, Olívia Csúcs.



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