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Today we are going to talk to you about a highly sensitive and important topic, which is the life and death game of the top CCP leaders and the coup assassination. Very scary, isn’t it? But these are facts that are happening.

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Well, we know that October 1st is the CCP’s “Eleventh National Day” and also the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the CCP, which is on September 30th on the eve of “Eleventh.”Xi JinpingI attended the National Day reception with all the top officials of the Chinese Communist Party. On the surface, it seemed that the atmosphere in the party was very grand and united. But please note that behind this scene of unity, there are actually dangling swords and shadows.

Because, on the same day, the CCP’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection issued an announcement that the former Deputy Minister of Public SecuritySun LijunBeing “double-opened” means being expelled from the party and from public office. In the officialdom of the Chinese Communist Party, the term “double open” is equivalent to the sentence of “political death” for a person, and it also predicts that this person is likely to be sentenced by justice and must go to jail.

However, just 8 days ago, the former Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of Jiangsu ProvinceWang LikeIt has just been “double-opened”. Is there any relationship between the two cases? Have. And when you look at it together, you will see a thrilling life-and-death duel at the top of the CCP, involving an assassination conspiracy within the CCP. Let’s talk about it now.

It is not uncommon for the CCP to start assassinating leaders through bloody struggles

However, some of my friends may think, “Is this too exaggerated?” “Is it too exaggerated?” “What age are you still doing assassination? Did you exaggerate it?” I know that this is important to many people, especially growth. For friends in normal society overseas, it would be unbelievable. They think it is even more palace drama than court drama and more Hollywood than Hollywood.

But in fact, there has always been an assassination of leaders within the CCP. This is because the CCP started its business through struggle, and they have been advocating class struggle and fighting against heaven and earth. Moreover, the CCP has a myth that is very evil. They always say that “means are for the end”, so “you can do whatever you want to achieve the end.” “.

Did you hear that? To achieve the goal, you can do whatever you can. So if someone assassinates leaders in order to seize power, it is not surprising. According to the CCP’s internal unblocked files, Mao Zedong was assassinated 35 times, Liu Shaoqi was assassinated 12 times, and Deng Xiaoping was assassinated 11 times.

ThatXi JinpingWoolen cloth? According to US media reports, Xi Jinping has encountered at least 10 assassinations in the five years since he took office in 2012, using methods such as poisoning by diet, injecting poisons during physical examinations, traffic accidents, and planting bombs in conference rooms.We just mentioned the “double open”Sun LijunwithWang LikeTwo people are related to the conspiracy to assassinate Xi Jinping.

Let’s talk about Wang Like first, but we need to mention another person first, Luo Wenjin, the former captain of the Interpol Corps of the Jiangsu Public Security Department.

On September 14, major online media including “Netease” and “Sohu” published an article signed “Shang Xian Lao Hou”. The article quoted an internal government notification document stating that Luo Wenjin had been involved in the “judicial gang.” It is said that Luo Wenjin and Deng Huilin, the former chief of Chongqing Public Security Bureau, are fellows from Wuhan and have close contacts with each other. Together, the two of them also “discussed the central policy’s policies and insulted the main leaders of the country.”

Even more shocking is that the article said that Luo Wenjin also “planned the leaders to have a commemorative event in Nanjing and was prevented by the Ministry of Security from criminal activities.” In vernacular terms, Luo Wenjin once wanted to “conspiracy” against the leaders in Nanjing. It was an assassination, but in the end it was exposed and the conspiracy failed.

Well, although the article did not specify who the leader they criticized and assassinated was, everyone can guess that the assassination activities that can be publicly criticized on the Chinese Internet must be targeted at Xi Jinping. In December 2017, Xi Jinping happened to attend the memorial event of the Nanjing Massacre in Nanjing. At that time, Luo Wenjin happened to be the chief criminal police captain of the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau, and he was responsible for the security of the event. From the point of view of time, it coincides.

In other words, this article is a very rare public acknowledgment by the CCP that a cabal within the party tried to assassinate Xi Jinping. Please note that the CCP has always paid great attention to external image publicity. No matter how internal conflicts are, it must create an atmosphere of unity outside. After all, if the CCP is unstable internally, it is likely to make it easier for the people to create mass incidents or launch protests.

But now, the government no longer hides it, and directly announces that someone wants to assassinate the monarch. This shows that the high-level CCP faction struggle has deteriorated to the point where it is clear, so those in power have to stand up and warn the enemy.

But, think about it, everyone, with the criminal police captain of the Provincial Public Security Department, really has the ability and courage to plan the assassination of the monarch? Obviously it is impossible. There must be a higher-level person in charge behind him. Luo Wenjin is just the little leader at the bottom who is responsible for execution.

Sure enough, eight days later, the CCP’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection announced that Wang Like, the former secretary of the Jiangsu Provincial Political and Legal Commission, had “seriously violated discipline and law,” and was double-opened. Please note that the Criminal Police Headquarters belongs to the public security system, and the public security system is under the control of the Political and Legal Committee, so Wang Like is Luo Wenjin’s high-level boss.

Moreover, the wording in the notice of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection was quite harsh, saying that Wang Like “never been loyal to the party and formed gangs within the party, which seriously undermined the political ecology of the political and legal system, especially the public security system.” Well, the most important thing is this sentence, Wang Like has “never been loyal and honest” to the party, that is, he is not loyal to the party. In the CCP system, this means that this person is not loyal to the leader and has a rebellious mindset.

And Wang Like is Luo Wenjin’s boss, and Luo Wenjin is also suspected of assassinating Xi Jinping, so Wang Like is probably also a member of the assassination group. So who are the senior officials instructing Wang Like? It is not yet certain.However, when Wang Like became the deputy director of the Jinzhou City Public Security Bureau in 2004, the director of public security at that time wasWang Lijun, Yes, it was Wang Lijun, the former Chongqing police chief who fled to the US consulate.

Wang LijunHe is the beloved general of Bo Xilai, the former secretary of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, and belongs to the Jiang Zemin Group. Wang Lijun later fell out with Bo Xilai and fled to the US Consulate in Chengdu in 2012 to seek political asylum. He also prepared Bo Xilai and Zhou Yongkang to launch The news of the coup and the overthrow of Xi Jinping was revealed to the United States. From this point of view, there should also be a certain degree of exchange and intersection between Wang Like and the Jiang faction.

Coincidentally, just two days after Wang Like was double-opened, on September 16, the party media “Qi Shi” responsible for propagating Xi Jinping thought published an article in which one of the main points of propaganda was to “uphold the party’s absolute attitude towards the military.” “Leadership” also criticized the early CCP leader Zhang Guotao for splitting with Mao Zedong and criticized Mao Zedong’s successor Lin Biao for planning an armed coup. These remarks made by the party media at this time are indeed intriguing.

In a few days, on September 24, “Seeking Truth” published another article with the title directly stating “Our principle is that the party commands the gun, and the gun is never allowed to command the party.” Well, looking at these two articles in “Seeking Truth” together with the Wang Like incident, it shows three things:

First, Xi Jinping did suffer a coup assassination, which made him quite dissatisfied and uneasy. That’s why Lin Biao was constantly mentioned about planning an armed coup to warn rival factions.

Second, although Xi Jinping has been in office for almost 10 years, he still cannot effectively control and master the military system, the political law, and the public security system. Therefore, the military and police forces have become the focus of the anti-Xi attack on Xi Jinping. Therefore, the party media must continue to emphasize that “the party commands the gun” and does not allow “the gun to command the party.”

Third, the internal division of the CCP is indeed quite serious. That’s why the past split and confrontation between Mao Zedong and Zhang Guotao must be turned out again and proclaimed repeatedly. Okay, this is the first case, Wang Like’s part, let’s look at another case, Sun Lijun.

Sun Lijun’s double shocking coup and the truth about the virus leaked

On September 30, the day before the “Eleventh” of the CCP, that is, the day Xi Jinping had a meal with other top leaders in the party, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection announced that Sun Lijun, the former deputy minister of public security, had been double-opened. see it? The deputy minister of the Ministry of Public Security, who also belongs to the political and legal system, said that Xi Jinping’s grasp of the public security system is indeed unstable.

The Central Discipline Inspection Commission’s sentence against Sun Lijun was more severe. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection stated that Sun Lijun had “extremely expanded political ambitions, extremely bad political qualities, and extremely distorted views on power and performance.” It used three “extreme” to criticize Sun Lijun, which is quite strong. Criminal characterization. He also said that he “is arrogantly discussing the Party Central Committee’s major policies, creating and spreading political rumors, pretending to be guilty, deceiving the top and concealing the bottom, and gaining political capital.”

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection also stated that Sun Lijun “has a large number of gangs within the party, formed gangs, cultivated personal power, and formed interest groups.” But more importantly, this paragraph said that he “formed gangs to control key departments and severely undermine the party.” The unity and unity of the People’s Republic of China seriously endangers political security.”

Well, friends who have some knowledge of CCP politics know that criticizing officials for “forming cliques” and “making gangs” are common terms used by the CCP to crack down on corrupt officials. Unity and unity seriously endanger political security”, this is very rare.

What does this mean? It probably means that Sun Lijun and his gang have worked together to control the public security department, control the political and legal system, and organize divisions within the party, posing a threat to the Party Central Committee, and even a security threat to the party leader. . In other words, Sun Lijun was involved in anti-Xi, involved in a coup, and possibly even involved in assassination.

Everyone knows that Sun Lijun was once the secretary of Meng Jianzhu, the former secretary of the Central Political and Legal Committee, that is, Sun Lijun was promoted by Meng Jianzhu; and Meng Jianzhu was also a member of Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinghong’s group, so it’s not surprising that Sun Lijun was fighting against Xi with Jiang faction. .

However, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection’s report to Sun Lijun contained a very special sentence that was quite eye-catching, saying that Sun Lijun “resigned without authorization on the front line of the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and privately hid a large amount of confidential materials.” Is this passage very mysterious?

After a severe epidemic broke out in Wuhan last year, Sun Lijun was sent to Wuhan to supervise the anti-epidemic work. Of course, this is a superficial statement. In fact, Sun Lijun was sent to Wuhan to mobilize public security and political and legal forces to completely block the news, block the truth of the epidemic, and maintain public opinion stability. This is the fundamental purpose of maintaining social stability. But also because of this, Sun Lijun gained access to the Wuhan Institute of Virology laboratory and access to many secrets.

However, what is surprising is that Sun Lijun was suddenly arrested in April last year, which also triggered various speculations. By August of last year, Hong Kong industrialist Yuan Gongyi broke the news that Sun Lijun fell from the horse because he had concealed evidence of the epidemic from the CCP and the evidence of the virus leaking in the Wuhan laboratory and sent it to Australia for his wife to keep, but was eventually taken by the Australian authorities. Intercepted. Of course, the Beijing high-level officials became furious when they learned that they arrested Sun Lijun.

This statement was still half-trusted by the outside world at the time. After all, it was only a unilateral leak, and there was no way to verify it. But looking back now, in April last year, shortly after Sun Lijun was arrested, Australia began multiple requests to independently investigate the source of the virus in China; even after the CCP imposed economic sanctions on Australia and asked Australia to shut up, Australia Still insisted on investigating. Australia is so confident, obviously it has some evidence.

In addition, the CCP now announces that Sun Lijun’s crimes include “resigning from duty without authorization in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and secretly concealing a large amount of confidential materials”. Does this prove that Sun Lijun indeed went to a secret place in Wuhan and took it away? Secret materials, and then sent to a private place to hide?

Therefore, Sun Lijun may have really collected evidence of the CCP’s concealment of the epidemic and evidence of the virus leak, and sent it overseas to deposit with his wife. If something happens to you one day, you can use these evidences to threaten the Beijing authorities and save your life, otherwise everyone will be burned together.

Otherwise, the Jiang faction can use these materials as a bargaining chip in a political game with Xi Jinping. Now the whole world is investigating whether the virus leaked from the CCP’s laboratories. If someone puts out real evidence and accuses the CCP of leaking the virus, what will happen to the Xi Jinping regime? It will be jointly condemned and suppressed by the domestic people and the international community, and will be held responsible for the deaths of millions of people around the world.

Therefore, if Jiang faction has the evidence in his hands, can it be used as a bargaining chip to force Xi Jinping to make concessions on the power reshuffle of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China? For example, asking Xi to let more of the Jiang faction serve as high-ranking officials, or even forcing Xi to step down, and so on.

Regardless of whether Sun Lijun stole these secrets to protect himself, or to serve as a bargaining chip for Jiang’s faction and Xi, he would definitely anger Xi Jinping. Therefore, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection said this time that Sun Lijun was “privately concealing a large amount of confidential materials,” which is equivalent to publicly admitting to the outside world that Beijing does have secrets and that it has the handle in the hands of others, but at the same time it also warned the Jiang faction not to mess around, otherwise it would end. Will be the same as Sun Lijun.

In other words, now within the CCP, at least between Xi Jinping and the Jiang faction, has entered a life-and-death battle. The two sides have publicly called out, not giving way to each other, and threatening each other.

Beijing’s internal and external forces force the future, or four major events may happen

Well, seeing this, I believe you should already understand that with the approach of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,ZhongnanhaiThe high-level internal fighting in China has indeed become more and more fierce; and under the Chinese Communist system, any means of struggle can occur, including assassinations and coups. Therefore, we can speculate that several major events are likely to happen to the CCP in the future:

Major event one: The CCP’s high-level fights are eager for a big tiger to fall from the horse

At present, the struggle between Xi Jinping and various anti-Xi factions has entered the stage of “hand-to-hand combat” or even “hand-to-hand combat”. Judging from the cases of Wang Like and Sun Lijun, Beijing seems to be willing to open the “party split” and “swords and swords.” fact.

Therefore, it is very likely that Xi Jinping will take down the big tiger or “giant tiger” of the Jiang faction in the future, and use it to shock the Jiang faction and consolidate his position in power. Meng Jianzhu, the former secretary of the Central Political and Legal Committee, should be the most probable candidate for the “big tiger.”

Major event two: political game extremes or more assassinations and coups

Coups and assassinations are quite taboo behaviors within the CCP. Even if they happen, they should try their best not to talk about them, so as to avoid exposing the division and fragility within the party. But now the Beijing authorities have begun to release more and more information about coups and assassinations, which means that the game between Xi faction and anti-Xi faction will become more and more extreme and accelerate.

Therefore, we are likely to see more assassinations and coups in the future, and maybe there will be other extreme struggles that we did not expect.

Major event three: the epidemic does hide the origin of the virus and the virus may be made public

While Beijing severely punished Sun Lijun, it also indirectly admitted that Sun Lijun took away the evidence from the CCP’s cover-up of the epidemic and the evidence from the Wuhan laboratory. In addition, both the Jiang faction and Australia may have a certain degree of evidence, so it is difficult to say whether someone will suddenly reveal the truth about the origin of the virus someday.

Major event four: pressure at home and abroad, Beijing Xi is easy to take risks

As we all know, Xi Jinping is currently facing strong opposition from anti-Xi forces within the party, but the pressure on Xi Jinping from overseas forces is also quite strong. In addition to the continuous strengthening of the international alliance with the United States and its allies to contain the CCP military and diplomatic, the World Health Organization is also about to restart the virus traceability investigation of the epidemic in China.

Moreover, since the beginning of this year, Western media have continuously issued a series of articles attacking Xi Jinping, including the New York Times review article in February this year, and the “Longer Telegram” report published by the Atlantic Council, plus financial The giant crocodile Soros published three consecutive articles in the “Financial Times” and “The Wall Street Journal”.

Therefore, the situation in Beijing will inevitably encounter more severe internal and external pressures, and will suffer from the enemy. Under such circumstances, if Beijing finds itself awkward and unable to cope with it, it is likely to force Beijing to take risks and make some more risky and irrational measures in order to shift focus and relieve pressure.

For example, launching small-scale military conflicts in the Taiwan Strait, the East China Sea, or India, or launching an economic war, or openly suppressing political opponents, and so on. Therefore, under the current situation, whether it is Taiwan, India, or even Japan, you must be extra cautious.

Okay, let’s repeat, there are four major events that may happen to the CCP in the future:

Major event one: The CCP’s high-level fights are eager for a big tiger to fall from the horse
Major event two: political game extremes or more assassinations and coups
Major event three: the epidemic does hide the origin of the virus and the virus may be made public
Major event four: pressure at home and abroad, Beijing Xi is easy to take risks

Finally, we want to emphasize that the CCP is not a normal regime, so it has brought many abnormal chaos to the Chinese people and the whole world. Only by disintegrating the CCP can China be normalized and the whole world can be peaceful and healthy.

Ok, let’s talk about it today. If you like our program, please remember to subscribe, leave a message, press like, and please introduce it to more friends. Thank you for watching and we will see you next time.

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