Culture in Bilbao: The Arriaga Theater will program Juan Diego Botto and the premiere of Liñera’s latest work in February

At this point of the year, other years, we would know very well and for months what the Arriaga Theater’s programming is for the entire season, but 2020 makes its mark in the first months of 2021 as well and the companies and shows that will come are getting to know little by little. This Tuesday the hiring of the first half of February was made public. And they are not few: five plays -among them the montage about Lorca performed by Juan Diego Botto and the absolute premiere of Javier Liñera’s latest work- and a Lied concert by Christian Gerhaher, considered one of the best liederistas of the world today.

The absolute premiere is the last piece by the playwright Javier Liñera, who with his ‘Red Barro’ was nominated a couple of years ago as a revelation author at the Max awards and who with ‘What was Ana García’, in Pabellón 6, has continued demonstrating his talent. On February 2 and 3 it will premiere ‘Antonia’, in which he re-enacts the importance of memory and plays with past and present and reality and fiction, with the interpretation of Aitor Pérez Collado and Begoña Martín Treviño.

The Mountain
The Mountain

Immediately after this premiere -on the 4th the theater hosts another Basque production. It is the Basque version of the novel by Frenchman Philippe Claudel ‘Compromis’. ‘Konpromisoa’, in translation by Martín Agirre and directed by Begoña Bilbao, is a comedy that tests the friendship of a writer and an actor who has to sell his apartment due to financial problems. Joseba Apaolaza, Ramón Aguirre and Zuhaitz Gurrutxaga are the friends and the home buyer.

From 5 to 7, ‘Una noche sin luna’ proposes to approach the figure of Federico García Lorca from the 21st century because, as the Pirate Ship company explains, “talking about Lorca today is talking about ourselves”, is what classics, which serve as a mirror at any time. Juan Diego Botto is the author of the text -which draws on interviews, talks and conferences by the poet as well as on his prose and poetic works-, with which he wants to discover some of the lesser-known facets of Lorca from irony, humor and the emotionality. He is also its interpreter, under the direction of Sergio Peris-Mencheta.

“A jewel” concert

The next appointment in the program is with ‘The mountain’, the new work of the Agrupación Señor Serrano. With their previous show, ‘Kingdom,’ they got rave reviews last season. Now they wonder about the truth – What is it like? Does it exist? – and they do it, again, playing with different disciplines. It will be on the 12th. And the last theatrical piece for the moment, on the 13th and 14th, takes us to Argentina in a road-movie titled ‘Darwin’s jump’. The characters cross the road that runs through the country from north to south in search of a better life, and in the same way they go through all states of mind … and can go from comedy to tragedy, from the best to the worst of the human condition. It is a co-production of the Spanish Theater in which Juan Blanco, Cecilia Freire, Olalla Hernández, Teo Lucadamo, Goizalde Núñez and Jorge Usón take part.

'Darwin's leap'
‘Darwin’s leap’

In music, on February 10, what the programmers call “a real gem for lovers of lyric” is presented. It is the concert of the German baritone Christian Gerhaher, who will perform compositions by two of his favorite authors, Schumann and Debussy, and will do so with his regular pianist, Gerold Huber.

Before all this, in January, there will also be plenty of supply, from the txiki opera ‘El elixir de amor’ by Donizetti at the beginning of the month to the theatrical adaptation by Pedro Páramo directed by Mario Gas and performed by Pablo Derqui and Vicky Peña to end, through the concert of the Mexican tenor Javier Camarena in the middle, among other proposals.


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