Culture of debate: The rabble in the parliaments

Whe mood in many parliaments has deteriorated, as evidenced by the growing number of complaints, regulatory calls, administrative fines or session exclusions. In the North Rhine-Westphalian state parliament, for example, in the current legislative period, which started in 2017, there were already four dozen complaints and six more serious calls for orders for rougher non-parliamentary statements (four for the AfD, one each for the SPD and FDP). Between 2012 and 2017, without AfD, on the other hand, only twelve measures were taken.

The growing excitement is also reflected in figures in the Bundestag constituted in 2017: by mid-March, 26 calls for orders and six complaints had been received. In the previous parliamentary term, when the AfD had not yet taken a seat in the Reichstag, only two calls for order were noted, and not a single complaint.

But above all in Stuttgart, precisely where politicians of all stripes are just so horrified about young rioters, the representatives of the people are at the bottom one after the other.


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