Custo surprises in New York with his first ‘fashion film’

Like every year but different. Never seen. Custo Barcelona has not missed his appointment with New York Fashion Week but, given the circumstances and like everyone else, he has had to settle for the virtual format to connect once again with his audience. His bet has been surprising.

A fun and transgressive fashion film that has received, once again, international applause for the Catalan designer and that has had Montana and Carlota Dalmau, his daughters, among the protagonists and the direction of Bárbera Barberà de Barberà Films (and as the setting the impressive Edition hotel in Barcelona).


History wants to suppose a renewed starting point. The one that marks a necessarily optimistic and conscious stage. A new milestone for the firm with 41 years! trajectory.

I am the Power, but you too is the suggestive name that he has given to all this change that he has just presented on the FDLA platform at New York Fashion Week and in which Custo Barcelona has unveiled similarly reformulated proposals for next season. Her character? A sexy and suggestive silhouette mixed in a very modern sporty look.

The look is sporty, but the character is still sexy

Inspiration is sporty and optimistic, for an empowered woman

Through his playful audiovisual piece, the different looks of the collection for OI2122 are revealed in a film that, he explains, “plunges us into an atmosphere of festive delirium typical of other moments that are so much missed”.

The Catalan designer has presented a festive fashion to raise spirits

The Catalan designer has presented a festive fashion to raise spirits

Presents, he assures, his “powerful women who seek to have fun without restrictions and find themselves in unexpected situations, with a surreal and dreamlike point. A proposal full of comic situations with a treatment inspired by silent movies and starring women who do not sorry for enjoying the moment. “

Hence the name of I am the Power but you too. Because Custo Barcelona invites you to resist and overcome difficult situations. Since his is fashion with character, he believes that the best way is to face the moment with “a new way of dressing that is supported by a new conscience and my mantra, I am the Power, which must be repeated to raise the energy “.

Key piece

The sweatshirt is the key piece in flat colors, animal print or colorful graphics

The evolved sweatshirt is the key piece of the proposal in flat colors or with colorful graphics or animal print. With an oversize pattern, they are illuminated with multicolored embroidery, a patch of shiny technical materials and shiny appliqués.

Micro dresses are once again key in their different fashion

Micro dresses are once again key in their different fashion

These sweatshirts, an inescapable sign of these times, are covered with technical down with a very oversize pattern in transparent technological fabrics that are another of the bets for this season. Multi logos, technical glitters and embroidery details decorate these pieces for winter.

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Continue with your hallmarks. That is, in this collection so different but at the same time so identified with the unmistakable DNA and the constant evolution of the firm, it insists on the large openings of its dresses that are not transparencies but simply that, openings, through which parts can be seen. of the body and also in the mini dresses that are so minis micro.

The micro-dresses this time arrive entirely embroidered

True to its style but evolved as never before, this is the new Custo Barcelona collection

This time different because they are completely embroidered in pearly sheen and wildly daring tones. Very Custo. Just like his obsession with tech fabrics.

Explains the veteran designer (who has never failed, not once, to his appointment with the city of skyscrapers since he presented his different fashion there for the first time four decades ago) that they are also keys to the new bet “the pieces light cotton knitted with embroideries in silky touch finishes as well as heavier ones in wool “.


Wake up now, I am the power and Raise your vibes, his slogans of the new consciousness

And remember that the “combinations of technical materials define the graphic world of the collection, which is developed through new awareness slogans: Wake up now. I am the Power, Raise your vibes“.

All without giving up his taste for shine that Custo expresses in the most diverse shades. Iridescent. Gold Silver. Copper. Blues Transparent laminates that illuminate your garments with changes in light. This is how his devotion to the festive airs he misses so much works.

Daring and transgressive, this is the fashion that Custo Barcelona proposes in difficult times

Daring and transgressive, this is the fashion that Custo Barcelona proposes in difficult times

And that idea of ​​light and color is developed with his palette of electric and vibrant tones and unforgettable combinations that embraces red, klein blue, fuchsia, optical white, ocher, orange and camel and combines them with all shades of black. From the brightest to the most matte.

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