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Game news Cyberpunk 2077: between great enthusiasm and slight worries

15 hours ahead, to play a game as massive and dense as Cyberpunk 2077 is a real privilege, which we have used with great pleasure in order to better perceive its strengths, real, but also some of its weaknesses as it is. Note that the version we tried dated from the beginning of November, and that therefore, 15 days of additional work separated us from the updated version of the game.

An immersive game, but still imperfect

There is one force that does not seem to weaken when it comes to CD Projekt’s next game, and that is its immersion. Night City, the theater city of events that will lead your V in its quest, is of rare density. The pleasure of playing Cyberpunk 2077 also lies in the fact of getting lost in a city shaped with love. Every neighborhood has something to tell and does not just boil down to its visual aspect. It is possible to explore to the right and to the left, to witness what is happening there and to intervene if you wish.

There is also that sense of incarnation of V, which scores. As much for the choice of the view in the first person, as that of the augmentations, very present, naturally, in a Cyberpunk universe. The narration, the staging, the construction of the game are all arguments that exacerbate our expectation of the game’s release.

But there are always these concerns, those concerning this technical aspect. Very imperfect, with an AI far from convincing, Cyberpunk 2077 could counterbalance its promises with a penalizing lack of finish. We tell you about it here.

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