Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay running on Xbox Series X

Some images that lack spark

Leaving aside the YouTube compression when it comes to playing videos in 1080p, the truth is that these first images have not left with a bittersweet taste. The video begins with a game captured on Xbox One X, and the detail that has been given to the city of Night City, since we can see very different neighborhoods and a depth and height of the buildings that will make us stop to see the environment on more than one occasion.

To finish off this strange taste, the moment in which Silverhand makes an appearance in the video is a bit … different from what we would have expected. Once again, expectations happen again to us a bad pass, and the face of our dear Keanu Reeves does not look especially good if we take into account the images we had seen previously.

Why is Xbox Series X not surprising?

Cyberpunk 2077

Maybe in the meantime you will expect to find some particularly striking scene in which the potential of Xbox Series X is justified, but the truth is that we have not obtained that feeling for the moment. We repeat that the quality posted on the YouTube video does not help, but everything could be justified for an extremely simple reason.

The high resolution texture pack that the Xbox Series X version will receive will not be ready until next year, so this demo probably did not have this pack installed. This will be essential when it comes to enjoying Cyberpunk in all its splendor in the new generation, so we’ll see how long the guys from CD Project Red keep us waiting to get the long-awaited texture pack. Considering that the game has only delayed, we fear that we will have to wait much longer.

That said, everything indicates that the version shown was the backward compatible edition run on Xbox Series X, so beyond the loading times (which will surely be appreciated) and the occasional visual effect, we may not see major differences. to play on an Xbox One X (in the absence of the texture pack, of course).

Where is Xbox Series S?

But if there is something to note, it is the absence of an image taken from an Xbox Series S. Let’s remember that Xbox Series S would pull the emulated version of Xbox One, so the graphic difference at the level of details could be quite important, hence show nothing today. This does not mean that the Series S version is bad, but to obtain the expected quality we will have to wait to receive the texture pack, so some users might despair.

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