Czech Lenin of the Broad Front: “We did not think that the vacancy would end like this” atmp

The congressman Lenin Czech, member of the bank of Wide Front who supported the presidential vacancy, spoke this Sunday, November 15 after the events that occurred during the second national march.

The parliamentarian regretted the death of the young Jack Bryan Pintado Sánchez (22) and Jordan Inti Sotelo Camargo (24), protesters who participated in the protests developed on the last Saturday, November 14.

“I apologize to the whole country, we did not think that this vote, which was to fight corruption, could end like this,” he declared. Lenin Czech for Radio Exitosa in the morning, referring to the presidential vacancy that was filed against the ex-president, Martín Vizcarra.

“This principled fight has been used by a conservative sector to set up a Cabinet and in the end we are seeing the problem that has been generated,” added the parliamentarian. “We have to assume, nobly, this responsibility.”

On the other hand, Lenin Checho expressed that one of the congressmen who voted against the presidential vacancy will have to be elected, in case of a possible departure of the de facto president, Manuel Merino de Lama.

Keiko Fujimori talks about the victims of the second national march

The leader of the Popular Force party, Keiko Fujimori, communicated through his social networks and regretted the death of the two young people who participated in the second national march last Saturday, November 14.

“I deeply regret that two young people have lost their lives due to this political crisis. The situation is unsustainable, ”Fujimori wrote on his Twitter account.

Similarly, the daughter of Alberto Fujimori specified that if Manuel Merino de Lama does not present his resignation as de facto president, he should be censored this Sunday. In addition, he indicated that the orange group supports the convocation of the full Congress.

“If the president Merino does not resign, must be censored today. Popular Force will support the immediate convocation of the full Congress ”.

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