Dady Brieva and his wife, Mariela Anchipi, have coronavirus: “They had close contact last week”

Dady Brieva and La Chipi at the presentation of the film “4×4” (Credit: Verónica Guerman / Teleshow)

Dady Brieva and his wife, Mariela Anchipi, have coronavirus. This was confirmed by the journalist Angel de Brito through their social networks: “They had close contact last week. And they were isolated. First negative swab, and the second one today tested positive. They are without symptoms # COVID19 ″wrote the driver of The Morning Angels. The humorist and the dancer live with their children Felipe Y Rosario, and now they are kept in isolation at home. On Intruders, Adrian Pallares He also corroborated the information: “Also those who tested positive were Dady Brieva and his wife, Chipi.”

In the last hours, Rodolfo Barili was another of the figures who contracted this disease. “We all know that, despite taking care of ourselves, it can happen to us. And it happened to me ”, said the journalist in the tweet he wrote this morning after receiving the result of the test that was carried out. As he explained, it was done because it had been close contact of a positive case, which is why he also remained isolated. “Swabbing through, after isolating myself for being close contact of a confirmed case, the My test result says COVID detectable. He touched. Take care. Take care”He added, and concluded his message with a wish about how the disease will transit: “I hope I get through it well “. Cristina Perez, his partner in the news of Telefe, sent him strong support through his Twitter account. “I love you very much Ro! I am and we are all with you “, wrote the journalist.

Rodolfo Barili's message on his Twitter account
Rodolfo Barili’s message on his Twitter account

On the other hand, Claudia Villafañe also has coronavirus and Dalma Y Gianinna Maradona are isolated by close contact. After visiting the program Titi Fernandez on Radio del Plata, where a case of coronavirus was detected in one of the station’s employees, the businesswoman decided to do the PCR. The main concern of the family is contact with their daughters, Dalma Y Gianinna, since they both have very young children.

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Anyway, the eldest of the Maradona did not attend the program where she participates this Monday, A perfect day, the radial cycle that lead Gabriel Schultz and the brothers Nicolas Cayetano Y Julieta “Cayetina” Cajg –All ex Street dogs from 1 to 5 p.m. on the Metro (FM 95.1) because during the last few days he shared some family encounters with his mother. In fact, on Wednesday Dalma will perform a swab.

At the same time, Marcela tinayre told through a video call on The angels of the morning what caught coronavirus in Miami, after having been vaccinated. “I thought I had a stroke. For four days I didn’t have a good time “, he revealed, and clarified that his painting did not become older nor did he require hospitalization. “You can see that when I gave myself the first dose, I was incubating it,” he considered, adding: “Thanks to the first dose it did not spread or was serious”. In any case, he maintained that he felt “very bad” while the disease passed. “I couldn’t walk. I’d get up and get dizzy “He explained who had only told his son Nacho about his painting since he did not want to worry the rest of his family. Much less his mother, Mirtha Legrand, who at that time had not been vaccinated in Buenos Aires.


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