Daesh-affiliated group broadcasts video of execution of Christians

The executions are in retaliation for the death of the head of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr Al-Bagdhdadi, explains a man masked in the images.

It is "a message to Christians around the world" in the middle of Christmas. The jihadist Islamic State in West Africa (ISWAP) group released a one-minute video Thursday evening showing the execution of eleven men presented as Christians in northeast Nigeria.

This one-minute video shot in an unidentified location shows these blindfolded men being shot and then stabbed. The masked man explains in the video that these Christians were executed to avenge the death of the head of the Islamic State (IS), Abu Bakr Al-Bagdhdadi, during an American intervention in October in Syria.

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The video was posted by the Amaq agency, an Islamic State (IS) propaganda organ to which ISWAP – the product of a split within the Nigerian jihadist group Boko Haram – pledged allegiance.

The attacks are increasing

The jihadists have multiplied their violent actions in recent days in north-eastern Nigeria. Seven people were killed and a teenage girl kidnapped on Christmas Eve during a raid attributed to Boko Haram and targeting a Christian village near Chibok. On Monday, at least two civilians were killed and 13 others injured in an ISWAP attack on a military position in the same region of Borno state. On Sunday, six Nigerian soldiers were killed by ISWAP members during the attack on a military convoy.

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And the same day, thirty other jihadists of this group killed six people and abducted five after blocking a major road. On Tuesday, the United Nations condemned "the growing practice of armed groups to set up checkpoints targeting civilians" in the northeast.

In ten years, the jihadist insurgency in Nigeria which has spread to neighboring Niger, Chad and Cameroon, has according to the latest UN figures more than 36,000 dead and two million displaced in Nigeria alone, causing a major humanitarian crisis in the region.

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