Dalmau rants against the PNP’s “narrative of terror.”

The independence candidate for the governor, Juan DalmauHe criticized the “narrative of terror” that, he argued, statesmen maintain on the possibility of the separation of Puerto Rico from the United States.

“In the 21st century, the idea of ​​national sovereignty is to integrate into the world, it is not to be alone. The horror narrative must be left behind. The United States has said that the independence process would be ordered in a transition where Puerto Ricans could retain dual citizenship, free transit, and (the right to) benefits such as social security … That typical horror narrative of Donald Trump I’m surprised, ”Dalmau told his opponent from the New Progressive Party, Pedro Pierluisi, who asked him how the island would be administered without federal aid.

Dalmau called for a ‘No’ vote for the ‘yes or no statehood’ plebiscite to be held on November 3, parallel to the general elections.

“We do not have to give up as a people or stop being what we are,” Dalmau said.


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