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The popularity of Taiwan stocks continues to rise. Where there are meat bites, it seems that the risk is extremely high, but it has also created a group of young people’s market rich legends. “Foreign News” reported the legendary story of the key single brother turning into a big household with a hundred million yuan. At the same time, through the perspective of generational change, he understands the operating methods of the old and new schools of Dang Chong in Taiwan, and analyzes the thinking, strategies and risks of Dang Chong generations. .

According to the “Foreign News” report, KGI Matsuyama, who has become a big billionaire at the age of less than 30, has now become a successful model for all kinds of short-term transactions every other day, and every day’s entry and exit are closely watched by major stock market discussion areas. live. And other brokerages that are also regarded as short-term winners, such as Tucheng Yongning, Fubon Jianguo, Qunyi Daan, KGI Taipei, Cathay Pacific Dunbei, and Kanghe Yonghe, etc., these short-term sharp brokers, any one Getting in and out has long become the key basis for current rushers.

These brokers, who are good at short-term operations, are divided into large accounts, mixed with investors of the new and old generations, and have their own operating methods. The Caixun report pointed out that the so-called “Tiger Tail Gang” was originally due to the fact that almost half of the stocks that tracked the daily daily limit came from the purchase of the Huwei branch of various brokerages. For a while, the name of the Tiger Tail Gang spread. Until now, you can still see KGI Huwei, Fubon Huwei and other points among the top ten major stock brokers.

Through the “extremely short-term” operation method, the Huwei Gang actually got an amazing reward with an extremely high winning rate of 70 to 80%. Such an alternative operation concept completely subverted the operation method that ordinary people learned at that time. At the beginning, a group of friends from Yunlin Huwei was involved in a joint venture of 300 to 400 million yuan, and the most powerful person in charge traded it. Unexpectedly, it was too successful. Adopt their approach.

However, in recent years, after the eighth-grade stock gods have emerged one by one, the power has become even more amazing. It not only completely subverts investors’ operational thinking, but also changes the inertia of Taiwan stocks. It turns out that you can make a lot of money in the rush. Among them, One Piece, who became famous for operating shipping stocks in World War I, and Kaiji Matsuyama, whose monthly turnover can reach 50 billion yuan, are represented.

According to the Caixun report, the new generation knows how to use the power of the technology network as a supplement. For example, One Piece himself has a background in NTU’s capital. Judging from his public analysis of shipping stocks, he will count the past data of Taiwan stocks. Actuarially work out the pass-through stocks with low P/E ratios, and then seize the era of great voyage.

On the other hand, One Piece also knows how to use the power of new media platforms. This is similar to the GameStop short squeeze event in the United States. It is through the high popularity of the major stock market discussion areas to bring the wind, and it leads the long trend of shipping stocks, plus the flanks. The blessing of the troops has allowed shipping stocks to always maintain super high popularity, reaching an unprecedented long market.

The new generation of operational trading has a special feature, and likes to exchange information and share opinions through online hot stock market discussion new platforms. For example, the Xiaolian Gang, which has just emerged in recent years, is a group of stock market young people under the age of 30. Through the online community, they have met with each other. With a large amount of information exchange, the probability of making mistakes has been greatly reduced. With the aid of technological applications, the length of accumulated experience can be shortened Time, this group of filial piety gangs can use the mad dog flow method to accumulate amazing wealth in a short time.

Picture: Provided by Caixun

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