Darcy Quinn highlighted Marbelle after Gustavo Petro and Álvaro Uribe met

Reactions to the historic meeting that took place last Wednesday, June 29, between the two biggest political opponents that Colombia has had in recent years: the elected president, Gustavo Petro, and the former president Alvaro Uribe Velez.

One of those who gave her opinion on what happened was the journalist Darcy Quinn, who during the morning program of La FM criticized the apparent lack of opposition that the government will have Gustavo Petro well, in addition to Uribe, the leader of the Historical Pact had approaches with Rodolfo Hernández and German Vargas Lleras. He even obtained support from parties such as the Liberal, Conservative and La U.

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Why Darcy Quinn I speak of Marbelle as Gustavo Petro’s opposition

During a debate space between the journalists of the radio program, William Calderón spoke about the different political meetings that Petro has held and asked his colleagues: “Is the opposition over?”

Quinn was the first to speak and explained that it is not surprising that this type of act occurs before starting a new term in the country.

“No, I do not believe. This honeymoon is normal in these first days, but I think that later, once they begin to present the projects and depending on how they are, well, the opposition will recompose itself again. That always happens in all governments, they all start as very friendly and then end up along the way. There is not enough jam to be without opposition”, said the journalist initially.

Fernando Quijano, another member of the table, made an analysis of what previous governments have been and He highlighted that in most of the splices an opposition was evidenced. However, as he explained, “it is the first time that we are enjoying a dead calm, like the calm that precedes the hurricane.”

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Calderón intervened again and stated: “I don’t know what will happen in six months, but what is certain is that it would be very serious if there were no opposition. It would be the worst case scenario.”

Given this, Darcy Quinn brought up the singer Marbelle, who throughout the electoral period was against Petro’s political guidelines.

“I find it terrible. Today the opposition is Marbelle… she is the only one who does not accept coffee, red wine and sends you to you know where. One starts to see and the opposition is the only one, but the truth [la oposición] It is very important in a society, a healthy opposition, of course, not like the one that Duque had, which was terrible and they went through everything, ”concluded the communicator.

His position was reaffirmed through his Twitter account:

And it is that the interpreter of ‘Amor sincere’ and ‘Collar de Perals’ He has been one of the public figures who has spoken out the most on social networks on the electoral issue and has launched different criticisms of leftist politicians.

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