Data Deleted on Gisel’s HP 3 Years Ago to Gus Miftah’s Reaction

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1. Hp Lost 3 Years Ago When Becoming Ivory’s Wife, Is Gisel’s Data Leaked?

The 19-second case of an exciting video similar to Gisella Anastasia is still rolling. This time, Gempi’s mother confessed to Hotman Paris that her cellphone disappeared three years ago. How is the story?

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2. Soaking in the Chocolate Pool, Baim Wong Even Sneered by Netizens

Baim Wong recently uploaded a new photo on Instagram. In the photo Baim and his family are seen swimming in a pool filled with chocolate. But why is Baim being ridiculed by netizens?

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3. Talking to Hotman Paris, Gisel mentioned that he had deleted the video 3 years ago

Hotman Paris said Gisel came to see him and mentioned a video. According to Hotman, Gisel deleted a video 3 years ago. What video do you think?

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4. Broken Tears, Ustaz Maaher: By Allah, I Have No Intention Hina Habib Lutfi

On Thursday (3/12) Ustaz Maaher At Thuwailibi was arrested by Bareskrim Polri because of the SARA case. During the BAP, Ustaz Maaher was said to have shed tears. What is wrong?

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5. Gus Miftah’s Shocking Reaction When Called Ustaz Maaher Lovers of L * nte

Gus Miftah and Ustaz Maaher made the satirical satire action and replied to the attention of the public. How come? Ustaz Maaher loudly questioned whether Gus Miftah was a religious lover. How did Gus Miftah react?

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