Day 61: Do not judge

I read on the Twitter of Chuck Wendig, American fantasy author, the following message: «WEDNESDAY: The world is very stupid right now, and nobody should judge you for living your life as strange and full of nonsense as you can think of. Say … to hell with everything, eat cereal from a soap, without pants, on the terrace, with a mask of the Ninja Turtles and with the loudspeaker at full volume ». I only partially agree with him. We live in a childish, ridiculously naive world, in which any irresponsible attitude sustained over time is the problem of others, never ours. That I should not put my fingers in the socket I have known since I was 5 years old, because my father explained it to me, and when I have had cramps with bare wires I know that it was my fault, for not lowering the leads, and I did not know sue Endesa occurs. I do not believe in a world in which the State has to be responsible for my bad decisions, much less preventively through coercion, but in a world in which to exercise responsibility in an adult way. Perhaps if we maintain the nonsense of doors inwards, of doors outwards we would not live the terrible spectacle that we are living. On the other hand, this is being written by a man without pants. .

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