day off and paid for the “triumphant welcome” of Félix Tshisekedi

Returning to the DRC on November 4, Félix Tshisekedi was greeted by a procession of officials and supporters specially mobilized for the occasion. An initiative that is controversial.


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The deposit fell on November 3 at the beginning of the afternoon via a statement from the protocol of the National Assembly. By this most official document, the Congolese deputies were invited to present themselves the next day, at 6 am, at the People’s Palace. Not to debate the budget, but to get to the airport and thus offer the Head of State a triumphant welcome, Félix Tshisekedi returning to Kinshasa after a tour that took him to Israel, then to Rome for the G20, and finally in Glasgow for COP26.


The initiative did not fail to react, especially on the web. The Lucha citizen movement went so far as to assert that if “Kabila’s regime was bad, Tshisekedi’s is worse”. Member of the Lamuka opposition platform, Jean-Baptiste Kasekwa for his part denounced “a decline towards the Mobutu dictatorship”.

In the camp of the Head of State, the speech is naturally quite different. Augustin Kabuya, the Secretary General of the Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS), was amazed at the annoyance aroused. “Members of Parliament are free to act and to support all actions that they consider in line with their political convictions,” he underlined. I would like to remind you that the hemicycle has 500 elected representatives and they are not all from our coalition of the Sacred Union. “

If the step of the support of the Head of State makes so much react, it is also because it intervenes in a particular political context. Criticized, in particular by the opposition, for having given an official character to this return broadcast live to the RTNC, the Congolese president has known turbulent weeks since he endorsed the composition of the new electoral commission.

Confronted with the constitution of new alliances of circumstance, threatened by the departure of certain members of the Sacred Union, Felix Tshisekedi he wanted to send a message? If so, not sure if it happened.

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