Death defeats cancer fighter Salma Al-Zarqa and mourns the social media after her death

Death defeats cancer fighter Salma Al-Zarqa and mourns the social media after her death.

Moments of great sadness witnessed on social media platforms and social media, following the announcement of the death of the Egyptian Salma Al-Zarqa, who was famous for being one of the dreaded cancer fighters, after suffering from bone cancer about 6 years ago, which caused her arm to be amputated, and about 10 months ago. Her condition relapsed after complications from leukemia and a bone marrow transplant, but fate was faster than her death.

The death of Salma, the daughter of Alexandria, had the greatest impact for many who considered her life inspiring to fight the dreaded disease for years, since the beginning of her journey with the disease, she did not lose hope and faith, and she was fighting for her life, and shared her story and optimism for recovery through inspiring writings on her page on Facebook. Facebook and Instagram, where the last thing she wrote on her Instagram account, on November 11, was that she had not eaten for 44 days and literally lost all the muscles in her body and was moving in a wheelchair, and that she was fed by medical solutions, chemotherapy and antibiotics.

Through this latest publication, Salma expressed her sadness that she was unable to attend the graduation ceremony for receiving a master’s degree, which she has been working on for 6 years.

Salma pointed out, in her last post, the difficulty of the disease, saying: “In every battle I fight, I tell myself that it will be the most difficult and the last, and then I am thrown off the slope of the mountain again and again, and each time in a place deeper and darker, this is by far the most shocking battle.” For all of them, but it will definitely end, God willing, so let’s accept the reality, accept the pain and find the courage to move forward.”

In previous statements to her, Salma said about her feeling after the amputation of her arm, she said, “I refuse to say that I am disabled or handicapped because I do not see myself like this, and my life will not be like this, cancer cannot defeat me, nor cutting my arm will defeat me, you might think that my life She collapses, but believe me, this is not true, this is just the beginning.” After her right arm was amputated, Salma insisted on completing her master’s degree and learned to write with her left hand, as she was preparing to study for a doctorate, but fate did not allow her.

As for the last thing Salma wrote, through her account on Facebook, it was on November 19, in which she said: “Please pray for me, I am in a very serious condition,” to the influx of thousands of comments from the pioneers of the social media who raced to pray that by the grace of God she will be healed. , from all segments of society everywhere, and among them were the artist Mian El-Sayed and the artist Hind Abdel Halim and her father, the former Zamalek star Ahmed Abdel Halim, the artist Omar El-Shennawy, and the players of Zamalek Abdel Wahed El-Sayed and Mohamed Abu El-Ela, who called for her a speedy recovery.

And with the early hours of this morning, Monday, her husband, Walid Arafat, announced her death and the closing of the curtain on the life of one of the inspirers and the fight against dreaded cancer, saying through his account on Facebook: “We belong to God and to Him we shall return… She passed away to the mercy of God Almighty, my wife, my beloved Salma.” Muhammad Al-Zarqa, the funeral prayer on Monday afternoon at the Mouwasat Mosque and the Dafna in Al-Manara, the last door, and condolences on Tuesday at the Mosque of the Martyr Abdel Moneim Riyad after the Maghrib prayer… Please pray.

Salma Al-Zarqa

My last post on Instagram
My last post on Instagram


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