Death kidnapped Joel Moses in a plane accident with her brother

Death has intensified today, shocking the Lebanese by kidnapping three people at once, not in a traffic accident as usual, but in an air accident, after a civilian plane crashed in the town of Ghosta, Kasrwaniyah, leaving Joel Moussa and her brother Hadi, as well as the captain of the plane, George Sharkijian.

A great tragedy befell the families of the victims, who lost their souls in heedlessness. Musa’s family lost two sons at once, their daughter Joel is a student at the Faculty of Economics at Saint Joseph University. Her teacher, Dr. Siham Rizkallah, remembered her with moving words in connection with “An-Nahar” where she said: “She is an angel and not an ordinary girl because of the love she carries in her heart for everyone, I will never forget the day of the Beirut port explosion when she called me to check on me, despite the shock and damage to her house in Furn El Chebbak and the injury of her brother, and she was taken to the hospital, because I live in Ashrafieh, which is very close to the blast site.

She said: “I cannot forget how full of feelings and thoughts of others she was, even in the midst of pain, she did not hesitate to ask about others,” adding: “She was always talking about her brother, they were attached to one another, spending most of the time together, to the point of They refused to be separated by death.”

Rizkallah added, “Joel was known for her team spirit with her friends and colleagues. She is one of the students who always participates in various activities, and she was among the team that submitted a proposal for a social responsibility law in the House of Representatives,” noting that “she was a beacon of awareness and enthusiasm, mature, Sensitive and humane, she did not like to see anyone sad, as she was doing everything in her power to make him happy, as if she was entrusted with spreading joy, as she was distinguished in every sense of the word.

Joel tried to spread joy wherever she found a tear, and in a sad moment she was kidnapped from her family and her lovers!

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation indicated that “Sky Open Aviation”, an aircraft pilot training company, submitted a request to the Presidency of Rafic Hariri International Airport – Beirut to issue daily entry cards to the general aviation building campus and the hangar for two persons, With the aim of tourism on board one of its Cessna 172S aircraft with OD-AAB registration.

The directorate confirmed in a statement that the aforementioned plane “taken off today at 1:30 local time towards Jounieh – coastal Jubail, based on a flight plan previously approved by the Air Navigation Authority of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.”

And the statement continued: “At about 1:50 local time, the plane crashed in the Ghosta area – Kesrouan district, after deviating from the flight plan that had been previously approved, with three people on board, including the pilot,” stressing that the Minister of Public Works and Transport He immediately formed an investigation committee comprising specialized experts to investigate the incident, and instructed the committee to complete the investigation as soon as possible.


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