Death of Michel Mongeau, former host of “275-Allô”

The actor Michel Mongeau, known in particular for having been the host of the youth radio program “275-Allô” for a long time, died Wednesday at noon, at the age of 74 years.

His brother Serge Mongeau confirmed the information to the QMI Agency a few hours after his departure, specifying that Mr. Mongeau had received medical assistance in dying, at his request.

Suffering from prostate cancer for several years, Michel Mongeau had been operated on, but the disease had spread to his liver and bones.

The drugs no longer working, the artist had expressed the wish to leave this year, on November 11, Remembrance Day, “because it suited his beliefs”, explained Serge Mongeau. He lived in Montreal.

The late actor is survived by his wife, Marie-Thérèse Bérubé, his three children and his two brothers.

“We had a Zoom-conference a few days ago. We were 27 on that call. We saw each other for the last time. For Michel, it was a deliverance, he wanted to leave, ”said Serge Mongeau.

Radio, television and cinema

Michel Mongeau had fifty years of experience in the media, creation and communications.

He, who was very fond of children, was at the helm of the popular program for young people “275-Allô”, on the Première channel of Radio-Canada (which has since become ICI Première), from the beginning of it, from 1990 to 1997. The tribune gave the floor to the little listeners by making them think about a host of subjects.

On television, Mr. Mongeau had held roles, among others, in “Lance et compte III”, “Willie”, “Jean Duceppe”, “Nos étés” and, more recently, in “All the truth”, “La galley ”,“ Unit 9 ”,“ O ‘”,“ Plan B ”and“ Les invisibles ”.

In the cinema, it was in the last film by Mariloup Wolfe, “Jouliks”, released in 2019. The feature films “I shook hands with the devil”, “The tunnel”, “How my mother gave birth to me during her menopause And other productions are also included in his filmography.

In 2017, Michel Mongeau published the work “Cancer ascendant prostate ou le singulier journal du Petit Monsieur”, in which he spoke about his illness.

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