Deaths from Covid-19 decrease in New York – World

New York. The daily death toll from the new coronavirus in New York fell below 400, less than half of the deaths recorded at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in state hospitals.

Governor Andrew Cuomo indicated that the 367 deaths from coronavirus that he reported on Sunday are “horrendous”, but stressed that the number is less than half of the nearly 800 deaths that occurred in a single day during the peak of the pandemic in New York .

It is the first time this month that the death toll statewide has fallen below 400.

Cuomo added that the number of hospitalizations, still over 1,000, and the number of individuals who were placed on a respirator had also dropped.

The deaths recorded Saturday and reported Sunday included 349 patients who died in hospitals and another 18 people who died in homes for the elderly, according to the Democratic governor.

On Saturday, Cuomo had said there were 437 deaths on Friday.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio expressed hope Sunday that he will have plans for the social and economic recovery of the coronavirus-hit city by June 1.

The Democratic mayor indicated in a press conference that he has asked community leaders to deliver a plan to him by that date. He estimated that the full reconstruction of the city will take about 20 months.

He added that the most recent numbers of people under treatment for Covid-19 continue to stabilize and even decline in some cases.

The number of people in intensive care units fell from 785 to 768, although de Blasio warned that the reopening of the local economy will not begin until the number has decreased 14 days in a row.

“It is the figures that will give us the green light,” said the mayor. “We will reopen the economy when there is scientific evidence to support it. And it will not be something sudden but rather a series of intelligent, gradual measures ”.


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