Decreasing Pamor, Dirly Admits Child’s Livelihoods As Possible After Divorce from Celine Evangelista

Dirly and Celine Evangelista (Credit: Star Grid ID)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Pamor Dirly as a singer as if eroded by newcomer artists who come and go.

The owner of the name Dearly Dave Sompie was in the news when he was editing a beautiful artist, Celine evangelista.

Together Celine evangelista, he was blessed with 2 children even though in the end it led to a divorce. Then, how are you Dirly after not becoming a famous singer anymore?

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Divorced from Celine Evangelista, Dirly is even said to have entrusted his ex-wife with the matter of living for his children.

“Financially, at that time I spoke like this, financially I would help according to my ability, over time, she (Celine Evangelista) was financially stable. So in the end she even (said) ‘I am okay, you take care yourself, I take care. myself, “explained Dirly in the HOT KISS broadcast on Wednesday (10/11/2020).

Dirly was also not ashamed to admit that his ex-wife played more of a role in providing support for her two children. This is what makes him sure that his children are happy to live with Celine Evangelista and Stefan William.


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