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Decryption of Chinese “movie commentary” films flooded by Youtube: headline party, nonsense literature and AI dubbing, you can also do two episodes a day | T Kebang

by archyde

On Youtube, there are more and more “movie commentary” videos transferred from Chinese video sites, and you can see all kinds of similar titles:

  • “The president of the bank was wrongfully imprisoned, let’s see how he is reborn.”
  • “Seeing my girlfriend’s parents being hypnotized, the reason is to share the body?”
  • “The big smart robbery for love and the biggest cash robbery in history.”
  • “The girl was kidnapped on the bus and fell in love with the robber unexpectedly.”

These film commentaries often condense a two-hour movie into about 10 minutes of content (usually divided into several episodes): just cut out the key plot clips, with a narration, plus an engaging BGM, a movie commentary suitable for after-dinner enjoyment is just made.

Decryption of Chinese

‘These names’ in Chinese film commentary

It is impossible to trace who was the first to comment on the movie. This question is probably not important. The important thing is that, apart from the increasingly exaggerated headline party, the Chinese “movie commentary” movies we see now, no matter what the source is Where, it looks more and more like it was done by the same person.

how do I say this? Come and listen to this material, as long as you have watched Chinese film commentary a few times, you must be familiar with the content:

As soon as the man sat down, Xiaomei took a document and appeared in front of him. Unexpectedly, before the file bag was opened, Foboule appeared in front of them.

It turned out that the man in front of him was the former President of the United States, and this document was quietly lost by his seemingly loyal subordinates.

Don’t blink, the next second Fobler looked at the document, smirked at the old man Thomas, and then handcuffed him. The old man shouted as he walked: baa, baa…

The bodyguard, Brother Beard, came with his younger brother to hear the news, but he didn’t expect that Foboule pulled out the sprayer and instantly eliminated the two Calemis…

This passage can be regarded as the culmination of contemporary Chinese film commentary literature.

The wonderful thing is that the above names, titles and sentence patterns appear repeatedly in various film commentary films, giving people the illusion that the film commentators all over the world are the same person.

“Xiaomei” is a beautiful woman in the movie, and often refers to the heroine; “Da Zhuang” is a man with a strong body, sometimes also the hero; “Brother Beard” has the same meaning; Said to be from the Northeast dialect, which means unimportant characters in the plot, group performances, etc., or the protagonist’s sidekick.

The most exciting is “Fobo Le”. This should have been a transliteration stalk, referring to the English abbreviation of the FBI of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, but according to the observation of netizens, “Fobo Le” was first because a certain Northeast editing anchor was uneducated. I don’t know that the abbreviation of the FBI is FBI. Mistaken the last i for L, but accidentally discovered the traffic password, so he made a mistake and pretended that he was wrong on purpose, and the name “Fobole” also spread.

Source: Screenshot of Station B

Of course, there are more than these people in Chinese film commentaries.

“Uncle Qiantiao” is a middle-aged man with a lot of stories and experiences, “Mourning Biao” is the villain in the movie, and “Little Shuai” is a handsome young man who takes over from Da Zhuang as the male protagonist from time to time. Xiaobai, Daqiang, Dashan, Azhen, Aqiang, Blonde, Qianjo, Dabei and Dabei…

Source: Weibo @Mein Pastor

The word formation and sentence pattern in the film commentary literature are more particular. Things like “this man/woman”, “look at it carefully”, “the next second” and “but didn’t expect it” are just the basics, and many sentence patterns All made nonsense literature:

  • “If there is no accident, there will be an accident”
  • “This little girl who looks like a little girl is actually a little girl”
  • “A dazed woman has a dazed face”

If you understand these, you can also do two episodes a day

Based on the above results, many Chinese educational websites have begun to teach you how to do movie commentary. In particular, among various types of accounts in the field of short video and audio in China, only the movie commentary account is the easiest to make money and has the lowest threshold.

This is a direct handling job, as long as you are willing to put in the time, it does not require any skills, and of course there is no difficulty. It is the easiest category to do in the field of short video and video, and everyone is jealous of the huge profits of short video and video. , this can be done completely, and requires zero basis. A day can be reasonably arranged to produce 1-2 films of film commentary content.

As for the commentary: this is not a problem. There are already all kinds of movie websites and public accounts for film and television on Chinese websites. If you want to mass-produce, just copy and paste them directly.

However, since it is a film commentary film, naturally it cannot be without sound.

But you don’t have to speak, you don’t have to say a word, and you can save the time and cost of recording.

Some Chinese netizens kindly recommended speech synthesis tools to let creators who are eager to try completely get rid of the cost of buying recording equipment. One is the text-to-speech service of Microsoft Azure (Microsoft’s public cloud service platform). The voice must choose the most popular AI cloud, and the speaking style must be cheerful. :

Source: Screenshot of Microsoft's official website

Another intelligent voice interactive service of Alibaba Cloud, AI also has to choose Ai Fei who explained passionately:

Source: Screenshot of Alibaba Cloud's official website

Some netizens said that as the two most popular AI tools in the field of Chinese film commentary, with time, Chinese children will definitely recognize the voices of Yun Xi and Ai Fei.

Finally, don’t forget the soundtrack, with a Vietnamese electronic music slow shake, explain the film perfectly.

Controversial movie commentary

Of course, this kind of film has long been hated by film companies, believing that this is a copyright infringement and spoilers.

According to the different laws of various countries, some countries also directly prohibit the appearance of such films. For example, in Japan, such films are directly listed as illegal, and the creators are arrested.

Despite this, there are still not a few people who say they like this form very much. For them, there may only be a little time before going to bed in a day that really belongs to them, and it is the artist’s job to delve into the artistic connotation of movies. “If you don’t have time to watch the whole movie, just pass the time.”

If there is a corresponding demand, there will be corresponding products. Fast food may not be healthy, but people who are hungry can’t afford to wait for an hour or two to simmer.

Just like the commentary content of these Chinese movies that you see on Youtube, you may not have planned to watch it at first, but it was pushed by the algorithm, but in the end you watched it unconsciously, and then sighed that it seemed like Can’t wait patiently to enjoy a full movie anymore.

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