definitive bans for players selling their access to the PlayStation Plus Collection

Faced with a number of cases where owners of PlayStation 5 were selling their access to the PlayStation Plus Collection, Sony decided to crack down by banning both sellers and buyers of this content.

Initially, the subscription to PlayStation Plus was mainly a constraint since the machine on which the subscription was born, the PS3, offered before it free online services. It took the addition of rental games to make this offer (much) more interesting.

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Today, if we focus on the titles offered each month, it is no longer really madness. The interest is however more present on the PlayStation Plus Collection. Indeed, a new owner of PlayStation 5 subscribed to PlayStation Plus finds himself with twenty PS4 titles to practice without delay, if he does not already have them.

Sale of access to the PS Plus Collection: Sony bans sellers and buyers

With humans no longer hiding in awakening their dark side, Sony has discovered that a number of PlayStation 5 owners are selling their access to the PlayStation Plus Collection. The site GamerBraves, relying on forum posts since inaccessible, reports that Sony has banned accounts of players who had sold their access.

NeoWin details the maneuver of profit seekers: holders of PlayStation 5 post listings on the web for a minimum fee of $ 8. These sellers ask buyers to share their account information in order to allow access to the PlayStation Plus Collection.

To put an end to these dangerous practices, Sony has therefore banned accounts for various periods of time. As for sellers, they will no longer be able to access their PSN account for an unlimited period of time. The buyers, who are said to be around fifty, are banned from accessing their accounts for two months. They are therefore the first most affected in the case since all the content purchased via their account is now lost forever.

It will be recalled that the games of the PlayStation Plus Collection can be played on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, if the latter has not been put in the cellar in the meantime.


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