Delete Whatsapp group: step by step out of the chaos

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Delete Whatsapp group: How to bring order to the chat chaos on your smartphone

Similar to the contacts, the group chats on the smartphone should be checked every now and then. We show how you can delete a Whatsapp group and simply leave it.

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If you try to list all WhatsApp groups on your own smartphone, young and old would probably fail. Ever thought about shedding some light on the chat chaos? We explain how to elegantly leave dusty and unwanted groups and how to permanently delete a Whatsapp group.

The smartphone vibrates and beeps in a tour. The daycare parents discuss the gift for a kindergarten teacher, the boys from the Bundesliga betting group discuss the last game day – and pictures from the last vacation are exchanged in the family chat. At some point even the most astute Whatsapp user loses track of things. Then it is high time to take a critical look at the often dozen chats. And it is very certain that there will be some who have been completely silent for weeks or even months. But how do you sneak out of the groups? And how do you finally put the group as admin in the digital trash can?

In the following article you will learn how to elegantly sort out chat corpses and delete a Whatsapp group for good.

Delete Whatsapp group: The admin has to deal with it

Once you have set up the group yourself and invited friends from your contact list, deleting the Whatsapp group is child’s play. The only and therefore most important requirement – regardless of the operating system: Groups can only be deleted when they no longer have any members. And so you can delete a Whatsapp group as an admin.

  1. Open group chat and tap the subject
  2. Tap a participant
  3. Select “Remove from group”
  4. Confirm removal (repeat for all participants)
  5. Tap group subject> scroll down> leave group
  6. Tap group subject> scroll down> delete group

Once the group has been deleted, the chat history can no longer be read. If the group is only left, it continues to appear in the Chats tab. The chat history can be read if necessary. With iOS, a group chat can also be archived. To do this, tap “Edit” in the upper left corner of the chat overview and select the desired chat. Select “Archive” at the bottom left. Finished. Admins can delete the group at the bottom right. As already mentioned, this option is only activated when all members and the admin himself have left the group.

Leave the Whatsapp group and delete it from the smartphone

As a simple member, a Whatsapp group cannot be completely deleted. But there is an easy way to leave the group and remove the chat from your smartphone. And this is how it works with smartphones with iOS.

  1. Call up the chats overview
  2. Select the group to be left
  3. Tap group subject in the header
  4. Scroll to the very bottom> leave group
  5. Tap “Leave group”.

It is even easier for Android users to sneak out of a Whatsapp group. Once on the Group info tapped, scrolled down and “Leave the group” selected. Finished. In order to delete the entire chat history of a group, the admin status is also required on Android. And here, too, all participants must be removed before the group is dissolved.

Tip: If the media exchanged in the group, for example pictures or videos, are to be retained on the smartphone, the option “Delete media in this chat” should not be selected.

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